Reference Books and Tutorials for Android

These reference books and tutorial apps offer us all sorts of interesting information to settle any particular doubt or problem at a given moment

wikiHow 2.9.7 English
wikiHow 2.9.7

Consists of tens of thousands of explanatory tutorials

Wikipedia 2.7.50398 English
Wikipedia 2.7.50398

The biggest reference work in the palm of your hand

iFixit 2.9.2 English
iFixit 2.9.2

An all-purpose repair manual

Google Arts & Culture 9.2.22 English

The world of art in your hands thanks to Google

Instructables 1.8 English

All the tutorials you can think of

ElectroDroid 4.9.1 English

Resources for electronics professionals and enthusiasts

Smartify 7.1 English

Scan works of art and discover the story behind them

TED 7.3.1 English
TED 7.3.1

Your favorite talks, always at hand

Rock Identifier 2.2.18 English

Identify rocks and discover the rocks around you

Flora Incognita 3.0.2 English

Identify plants with your cell phone

Mushrooms App 62 English

Your pocket mushroom identifier

Traffic & Road signs 16.0 English

Learn all the traffic signs

Cardboard Design Lab 1.0 English

Learn to develop virtual reality apps

Infocar 2.24.20 English
Infocar 2.24.20

Digital car diagnostic tool

Blossom 1.25.0 English
Blossom 1.25.0

A beautiful plant identifier in your pocket

Shroomify 1.3.3 English
Shroomify 1.3.3

Discover all the secrets of mushrooms

Heredis 2019 English
Heredis 2019

Create your digital family tree and carry it with you at all times

Art-droid 1.7 English

Database full of paintings, artists and artistic movements

HiCare - Huawei English
HiCare - Huawei

Huawei post-sales service app

Samsung Members English
Samsung Members

Make the most of your Samsung device

PlantIn 1.0.88 English
PlantIn 1.0.88

Identify plants and trees with your smartphone

TreeView 1.1.0 English
TreeView 1.1.0

Make your own family tree and always carry it with you

Dog Scanner 12.1.0-G English
Dog Scanner 12.1.0-G

Convenient dog breed identifier

Google Expeditions English
Google Expeditions

Travel around the world thanks to virtual reality

Offline Survival Manual 4.2.8 English

Keep yourself alive in any situation

Kiwix 3.4.5 English
Kiwix 3.4.5

The offline version of Wikipedia on your phone

Plant Care Reminder 12.7 English

Learn to take care of your plants

Plantsome 3.7.1 English
Plantsome 3.7.1

Learn how to water your plants properly

Planta 1.8.7 English
Planta 1.8.7

The app that helps you stop being a plant killer

Vera 2.11.3 English
Vera 2.11.3

The app that helps you take care of your plants correctly

LeafSnap 2.2.7 English
LeafSnap 2.2.7

Plant identifier with care guides

YP: The Real Yellow Pages 9.0.0 English

The original source for finding businesses

BabySparks 4.7.31 English
BabySparks 4.7.31

Activities to stimulate your baby's early development

Countries of the World 1.13.0 English

Learn world geography with your Android

Crafts DIY 3.0.208 English
Crafts DIY 3.0.208

Thousands of crafts to make at home

Mushtool 7.2 English

A complete encyclopedia of mushrooms

Book of Mushrooms 4.4 English

Everything you always wanted to know about mushrooms

Mushroom Identify 2.77 English

Smartphone Mushroom Identifier

Kinsmap 3.05.2 English
Kinsmap 3.05.2

Track your origins in this unusual family tree

Quick Family Tree 1.6.9 English

Track your origins and create your digital family tree

FamilySearch Tree 4.3.1 English

Track your own origins

Origami Instructions 2.0 English

Become an origami expert

How to Make Origami Animals 1.0.19 English

Learn how to make origami figures

FlowerChecker 2.6.2 English

Identify plants on your Android

PictureThis 3.23.1 English
PictureThis 3.23.1

Identify plants and flowers just by taking a photo

Plantix 3.7.1 English
Plantix 3.7.1

The plant doctor in your pocket

DailyArt 2.6.0 English
DailyArt 2.6.0

Your daily art pill

PlantSnap 5.02.00 English
PlantSnap 5.02.00

Identify plants by taking a photo

My Cat's Health 1.2 English

An encyclopaedia about cats

Rainbow Loom Design 1.0 English

Learn how to create bracelets and wristlets

Plantiary 4.0.13 English
Plantiary 4.0.13

The pocket assistant for your garden