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Get to know the guidelines to develop virtual reality applications conceived for Google Cardboard thanks to Cardboard Design Lab for Android smartphones

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In 2014, Google revolutionized its developers conference introducing us to Cardboard, its virtual reality platform that works by connecting an Android smartphone to a cardboard base. Now we can learn how to develop applications for this system thanks to Cardboard Design Lab.

Start designing experiences in virtual reality.

It's obviously not an exhaustive guide with which we'll become Google Cardboard experts, but this APK will help us to understand the problems that a virtual reality developer has to face and provides us with a series of guidelines to start off in this field.

What will we learn with Cardboard Design Lab?

There are different psychological and ergonomic factors relative to virtual reality and, for such purpose, when we develop an application with these features, we have to take into account aspects such as the following, if we don't want anyone to get dizzy with our app:

  • Optimal distance to place text.
  • Optimal depth for the user interface.
  • The importance of soft motion.
  • The use of light for the settings.
  • The use of spatial audio.
Requirements and additional information:
  • Minimum operating system requirements: Android 4.1.
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