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If you need to know the meaning of a word in English, Oxford Dictionary of English is the best book of reference where you can settle all your doubts

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Everyone has looked for a word in an Oxford Dictionary once in their lifetime. These books published by Oxford University Press have become a reference for students, teachers and basically anyone who uses English on a daily basis.

Now, all your doubts about the English language can be solved from your phone thanks to Oxford Dictionary of English for Android, one of the most important reference books in English now adapted to this mobile operating system.

Hundreds of thousands of entries

We're talking about a really complete application, that's essential for anyone who wants to broaden his knowledge about this language, whether English is his mother tongue or not. In fact, users will have access to over 350,000 entries that include words and sayings. Therefore, it's a basic resource for almost anyone.

Download definitions and search for words offline.

The most complete English dictionary for Android: Oxford Dictionary of English

First things first. If you downloaded this APK thinking about installing an online translator between two languages, such as English, Spanish, German or French, forget it. You're in the wrong place, for something like that you should go for Google Translate or similar applications. Oxford Dictionary of English is an encyclopedic dictionary with definitions of words in English, with idioms and the etymology of words, as well as concepts, places, people or animals, that go beyond a simple vocabulary.

Great app if you're getting ready for an English language exam.

You can use it both on your smartphone and tablet, and all its contents are backed by Oxford University Press, the publications service belonging to the renowned English university. And you should also know that you can unlock a full version of this online dictionary by means of paying different in-app purchases.

Main features

  • Search for words, idioms, and sayings stemming from the investigations of the Oxford English Corpus.
  • Use wildcards to replace letters in your searches.
  • Discover the newest words accepted in English.
  • Over 350,000 entries with their respective definitions.
  • About 75,000 pronunciations in audio format.
  • Make sure your spelling is correct.
  • British and American styles.
  • Possibility to download definitions to search while you're offline.
  • Share definitions by means of social apps such as WhatsApp, Facebook or Twitter.
  • Camera function to identify words and their meaning.
  • Smart search functions on a clean and functional interface.
  • Learning tools with functions to improve your vocabulary.

Smart search, a step ahead of your actions

It also comes along with a system to anticipate your searches with suggestions about what you might want to look for. Just like an autocomplete system that offers you predictions about what you write. In turn, it also includes keywords to locate composite words, expressions and catchphrases.

Another great feature, especially if we're not too good at English or spelling, is its similarity filter with which you can replace letters and parts of a word with wildcard symbols.

Don’t go without knowing the meaning of a certain word and forget about making silly writing mistakes thanks to this great dictionary that you can carry around in your pocket and that’s definitely not as heavy as the hardback version edited by Angus Stevenson. Possibly the best English dictionary for Android.

What's new in the latest version

  • Bug fixes and performance improvements.
Requirements and additional information:
  • Minimum operating system requirements: Android 4.1.
  • Offers in-app purchases.
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