Dictionaries and Translation Applications for Android

Download dictionaries and translation applications if you're having trouble getting to know the meaning of a word or saying something in a foreign language

Google Translate English
Google Translate

Google’s voice and text translator

WordReference 4.0.66 English

Translate, look up the meaning of words, and find synonyms and antonyms

Oxford Dictionary of English 14.0.834 English

The most important English dictionary

DeepL 1.8 English
DeepL 1.8

The translator that can beat Google

Hi Dictionary English
Hi Dictionary

Language dictionary with hundreds of languages

Microsoft Translator 4.0.530a 5fe1dc6c English
Microsoft Translator 4.0.530a 5fe1dc6c

Microsoft's translation tool

Naver Papago 1.9.2 English

Automatic translation in several languages

App Translator 1.66 English

Translate texts on the screen

Translator Master 1.1.0 English

Two-in-one translator and VPN

Duff Translate 1.7 English

Text and audio translator for people and pets

iTranslate 5.7.2 English
iTranslate 5.7.2

Digital translator with more than 100 languages

ABBYY Lingvo English
ABBYY Lingvo

Carry a comprehensive dictionary and translator in your pocket

English Arabic Dictionary 3.6.6 English

Convenient English-Arabic dictionary for smartphones

Merriam-Webster Dictionary 5.3.14 English

The prestigious dictionary's official app

Screen Translator 1.41.01 English

The app that translates all texts on your device's screen

Smart Translator 2.0.6 English

Automatic translator for mobiles with over 100 languages and VPN

SayHi Translate 5.0.6 English

Amazon's machine translator

Yandex.Translate 21.16.6 English

Powerful online dictionary including 90 languages

Spanish-English offline dictionary 2.13 English

Offline Spanish-English dictionary for Android

Happy Lens 1.2.3 English
Happy Lens 1.2.3

Translator and image identifier, all-in-one

Talking Translator 2.2.3 English

A handy automatic translator with speech recognition functions

Reverso 9.8.9 English
Reverso 9.8.9

Comprehensive language dictionary and translator

Translate All 1.0.4 English

Automatic translator in more than 30 languages

Social Messenger All in One 4.3 English

Translates text, voice, image, and even animals

Flitto 21.5.31 English
Flitto 21.5.31

Automatic translator for mobile phones

Translately 1.2.4 English

Translate any text with the help of your mobile

FluentU 1.5.7(0.7.5) English
FluentU 1.5.7(0.7.5)

An app for fluid language learning

U-dictionary 5.2.0 English

Translator and dictionary for Android

Jibbigo 3.2 English
Jibbigo 3.2

Translation app for Android smartphones

Word Lens Translator 3.0 English

Real-time translation and augmented reality

Languager 4.6 English

An easy-to-use tool to learn languages

Magic Translator 3.3.4 English

Language translator with additional tools

Web Translator 2.50 English

Automatic translator for text, audio, photos, and web pages

Free Translate 1.5.4 English

Free instant translator for Android

Camera Translator C.62.0 English

Automatic translation with the phone camera

SpanishDict 2.3.0 English

Complete Spanish and English dictionary

Easy Language Translator 1.55 English

Fast and easy-to-use language translator for Android

English Spanish Translator 2.2 English

A simple English-Spanish translator

VoiceTube English

English-Chine-Japanese dictionary in digital version

Translate It 1.1.5 English

Translator to more than 100 languages

All Language Translate 1.2.3 English

Translation app for multiple languages

Dictionary.com 9.13.1 English

Comprehensive dictionary to improve your English

Samsung Dictionary 3.002.016 English

Manage dictionaries in different languages

Catalan - English Translator - Softcatalà 0.92.2 English

Translate from Catalan to other languages

Speech Text Translator 1.6.5 English

Translate voice and text between over 60 languages

Dolch Sight Words Flashcards 3 English

Card-based application to learn how to read

English Hindi Dictionary Free 2.107 English

Dictionary and translator between Hindi and English

Spanish Dictionary 1.9.28 English

Spanish dictionary for Android

Mitzuli 1.0.8 English
Mitzuli 1.0.8

Translator capable of working offline

CamDictionary English

Use your phone to translate any text that you see

Easy Lens 1.3.0 English
Easy Lens 1.3.0

Translator and photo image identifier

LEO Dictionary 8.3.3 English

German dictionary to learn this language

French Dictionary 6.1-bw6k English

French dictionary that you can check offline