Health Applications for Android

These health applications for Android can help you to keep the right habits to live a healthy lifestyle and avoid different types of medical problems

Corona Warn App 2.25.0 English

The Robert Koch Institute app for tracing the spread of the coronavirus

Aarogya Setu 2.0.1 English

Information from the Indian government on COVID-19

Yuka 4.22.1 English
Yuka 4.22.1

Find out if you're eating healthy

Google Digital Wellbeing 1.1.458881972 English

Use your smartphone more rationally

iCare Health Monitor 3.9.5 English

Instant health checks

Feelsy 2.5.1 English
Feelsy 2.5.1

Activities to relax and reduce anxiety

Anti Mosquito 2.2 English

Keep those pesky mosquitos at bay

My Calendar - Period Tracker 1.744.264 English

When am I going to get my period?

BabyCenter 4.20.1 English
BabyCenter 4.20.1

Parenting app for pregnant women and new parents

CovPass 1.26.0 English
CovPass 1.26.0

The Robert Koch Institute's COVID Vaccination Certificate App

The Pattern 1.3.15 English
The Pattern 1.3.15

Know yourself and improve your relationships with others

Sleep Cycle English
Sleep Cycle

Wake up rested and full of energy

Rainy Mood 1.1 English

Relax listening to the rain fall

EMMO 1.7.2 English
EMMO 1.7.2

Keep a brief record of your moods

WomanLog 5.8.35 English
WomanLog 5.8.35

A reliable tool for monitoring the period

DreamLab English

Distributed computing app for fighting cancer and other diseases

MyFitnessPal 21.25.1 English
MyFitnessPal 21.25.1

Control your diet and the calories you ingest

Psychological Tests 4.2.1 English

Psychological tests to put your life in order

Blood Pressure App 1.2.2 English

Track your blood pressure

Stop Smoking 4.0 English

A guide to smoking cessation

The Bump 3.68 English
The Bump 3.68

Your pregnancy and parenting guide

Waking Up 2.0.91 English
Waking Up 2.0.91

Guided meditation and mindfulness on your smartphone

luca 1.4.12 English
luca 1.4.12

Health authorities help control COVID pandemic

Lovense Remote 4.0.2 English

Control your sex toys remotely

Achievement 5.15.1 English
Achievement 5.15.1

Earn money by collaborating in health research

Medscape 7.9 English

The app of health professionals

Medlife 5.0.66 English
Medlife 5.0.66

Online healthcare platform for users in India

Lose It! 12.5.201 English
Lose It! 12.5.201

Lose weight with a customized program

YAZIO 7.8.10 English
YAZIO 7.8.10

Keep a tight control of the calories you intake and consume

WaterMinder 3.1.7 English

Remember when to drink water

OnTrack Diabetes 3.2.7 English

Making life easier for diabetics

Smoking Time Machine 1.0.2 English

Check out what your face will look like in 20 years time

ShutEye 1.0.1 English
ShutEye 1.0.1

A tools to help you sleep better

Paired 0.738 English
Paired 0.738

Improve your couple relationship with the activities on this app

Wocute 1.3.1 English
Wocute 1.3.1

A beautiful and elegant menstrual calendar

Blood Pressure Log 1.7.0 English

A blood pressure data diary on your smartphone

Blood Pressure Tracker 12.3.2 English

Blood pressure data recording and analysis

Blood Pressure Diary 0.1.17 English

Record your blood pressure data conveniently

BloodPressureDB 7.1.6 English

A digital diary to monitor your blood pressure

BPWatch 4.0.6 English
BPWatch 4.0.6

Record your blood pressure data