Health Applications for Android

These health applications for Android can help you to keep the right habits to live a healthy lifestyle and avoid different types of medical problems

Yuka 4.26 English
Yuka 4.26

Analyze foods and cosmetics and find out if they are healthy for you

Aarogya Setu 2.0.3 English

Information from the Indian government on COVID-19

Corona Warn App 3.0.1 English

The Robert Koch Institute app for tracing the spread of the coronavirus

Google Digital Wellbeing 1.5.500315346.471337 English
Google Digital Wellbeing 1.5.500315346.471337

Use your smartphone more rationally

iCare Health Monitor 3.9.5 English

Instant health checks

Blood Pressure BPM Tracker 1.0 English

Track your blood pressure

Feelsy 2.5.1 English
Feelsy 2.5.1

Activities to relax and reduce anxiety

Appovo BMI Calculator 1.7.2 English

Find out your BMI in seconds

My Calendar - Period Tracker 1.744.264 English

When am I going to get my period?

We-Connect 4.6.2 English
We-Connect 4.6.2

Control your sex toy remotely

Blood Pressure App 1.2.2 English

Track your blood pressure

BMI Calculator 2.11 English

Find out your ideal weight

Medlife 5.0.82 English
Medlife 5.0.82

Online healthcare platform for users in India

Anti Mosquito 2.2 English

Keep those pesky mosquitos at bay

Lovense Remote 4.0.2 English

Control your sex toys remotely

Achievement 5.15.1 English
Achievement 5.15.1

Earn money by collaborating in health research

MeetYou 1.2.0 English
MeetYou 1.2.0

An accurate tool to control your period

Massage Vibrator for Women 1.0.23 English

A pocket vibrator for massages and other things.

My Heart 6.10.1 English
My Heart 6.10.1

App to register blood pressure measurements

ShutEye 1.0.1 English
ShutEye 1.0.1

A tools to help you sleep better

Wocute 1.3.1 English
Wocute 1.3.1

A beautiful and elegant menstrual calendar

Covenant Eyes 5.17.3 English

Living without porn is possible

Cardiograph 4.1.3 English

Measure your heart rate with your Android

Sleep Orbit 1.9.4 English

Relax and enjoy the soothing sounds

Reflectly 3.12.0 English
Reflectly 3.12.0

Diary that will help you foster your well-being

Muscular System 3D 2.0.8 English

Learn about the different muscles in the human body

uSound 4.0.3r English
uSound 4.0.3r

The hearing aid you can carry in your pocket

Diet Plan Recipes 11.16.360 English

Recipes adapted to each type of diet

UP Jawbone 4.29.0 English
UP Jawbone 4.29.0

Thorough control of your daily habits to make them healthier

FatSecret English

Keep track of the calories of the food you eat

Breathwrk 10.71 English
Breathwrk 10.71

Guided breathing exercises

Blood Pressure Diary 0.1.17 English

Record your blood pressure data conveniently

EMMO 1.7.2 English
EMMO 1.7.2

Keep a brief record of your moods

11pets 5.004.006 English
11pets 5.004.006

A platform to take care of your pet as it deserves

Welltory 3.8.1 English
Welltory 3.8.1

Check your health and heart rate

Practo 4.85.1 English
Practo 4.85.1

Chat with a doctor and buy medicines via your smartphone

PeduliLindungi 3.1.3 English

App to fight COVID-19 in Indonesia

Rainy Mood 1.1 English

Relax listening to the rain fall

Daylio 1.38.7 English
Daylio 1.38.7

The perfect diary for lazy people

BPWatch 4.0.6 English
BPWatch 4.0.6

Record your blood pressure data

Quit Smoking 3.7.4 English

Guides, resources, and help to quit smoking

Smoke Free 5.5.5-core English
Smoke Free 5.5.5-core

A smoking cessation aid

aktiBMI 2.16-xmsg English
aktiBMI 2.16-xmsg

Calculate your BMI to stay in shape

Ideal Weight 4.4.0 English

Calculate your ideal weight

Motivation 3.3.3 English
Motivation 3.3.3

Positive phrases to motivate you

I Am 3.8.6 English
I Am 3.8.6

Positive thinking in your pocket

Waterful 1.31.0 English
Waterful 1.31.0

Drink all the water your body needs

Water Time 12.2.1 English
Water Time 12.2.1

Reminders for drinking the water your body needs

PsyTests 3.2.3 English
PsyTests 3.2.3

Assess your mental state

Sleep Time 1.36.3575 English
Sleep Time 1.36.3575

Smart alarm clock that doesn't interrupt your sleep cycle

Synctuition 3.32.8 English
Synctuition 3.32.8

Achieve emotional balance through mindfulness and meditation

Vibrator Strong 1.1.6 English

Mobile and vibrator in one

Medscape 7.9 English

The app of health professionals

Heart Rate Monitor 5.4 English

Control your heart rate easily

Think Dirty 2.0.5 English

Find out if a beauty product has toxic components

1mg 11.9.2 English
1mg 11.9.2

Your online Indian pharmacy

CareZone English

Organize all your medical information in one app

Sleep Sounds 6.3.0.RC-GP English
Sleep Sounds 6.3.0.RC-GP

Enjoy a deep sleep with relaxing sounds

Zero Calories 193 English

The companion you need in your intermittent fast

MyTherapy 3.65.4 English
MyTherapy 3.65.4

Don't ever forget your pills

Sanvello 8.35.0 English
Sanvello 8.35.0

An app that helps you fight stress and anxiety

SleepTown 3.3.4 English
SleepTown 3.3.4

Build healthy sleep habits

Foodvisor 4.1.1 English
Foodvisor 4.1.1

An app to be totally in charge of your diet

Fooducate 5.42 English
Fooducate 5.42

A helpful diet assistant

Lose It! 12.5.201 English
Lose It! 12.5.201

Lose weight with a customized program

Peaceful Sounds 1.5.0 English

Collection of sounds to relax

MyFitnessPal 21.25.1 English
MyFitnessPal 21.25.1

Control your diet and the calories you ingest

Insight Timer 15.17.1 English
Insight Timer 15.17.1

Concentrate, relax, and sleep better

YAZIO 8.3.5 English
YAZIO 8.3.5

Keep a tight control of the calories you intake and consume

Finch 3.36.6 English
Finch 3.36.6

Improve you mood with the help of a pet

Zen 4.1.016 English
Zen 4.1.016

Relax with this transcendental app

Figure 1 9.12.2 English
Figure 1 9.12.2

Consultation tool for healthcare providers

Feed Baby 2.2.0 English
Feed Baby 2.2.0

App to monitor your newborn baby

Instant Heart Rate 5.36.9014 English

Instantly calculate your heartbeat

Fabulous 3.70 English
Fabulous 3.70

Learn healthy life habits

OnTrack Diabetes 3.2.7 English

Making life easier for diabetics

Sleep Talk Recorder 3.1.6 English

Record what you say in your sleep

Smoking Time Machine 1.0.2 English

Check out what your face will look like in 20 years time

Sleep Tracker 1.3.1 English

Collection of tools for better sleep

WaterBy 1.9.5 English
WaterBy 1.9.5

Reminders to drink the water your body needs

Loóna 2.18.0 English
Loóna 2.18.0

Relaxing activities that promote restful sleep

Lasting 2.8.23 English
Lasting 2.8.23

Virtual therapy to improve your relationship

Kindu English

Romantic and erotic ideas for couples

Paired 0.773 English
Paired 0.773

Improve your couple relationship with the activities on this app

Psychological Tests 4.2.1 English

Psychological tests to put your life in order

Cardio Journal 3.2.10 English

Record and analyze your blood pressure data

Blood Pressure Log 1.7.0 English

A blood pressure data diary on your smartphone

Blood Pressure Tracker 12.3.2 English

Blood pressure data recording and analysis

BloodPressureDB 7.1.6 English

A digital diary to monitor your blood pressure

Qardio 2.2.1 English
Qardio 2.2.1

Record your blood pressure and weight in a sleek diary

SmartBP 3.1.3 English
SmartBP 3.1.3

Track and monitor your blood pressure

Relax: Meet Your Future 1.47 English

Relax, meditate, and see how you will look when you're older

NINA 3.4.1 English
NINA 3.4.1

Warning signs throughout Germany

Mylo 1.04.76 English
Mylo 1.04.76

The guide that will be by your side through your pregnancy and beyond

Smoking Log 6.0.5 English

Quitting smoking is easier with this app

Flamy 3.0.13 English
Flamy 3.0.13

Quit smoking with the help of this app

Stop Smoking 4.0 English

A guide to smoking cessation

Quit Tracker 2.13 English

A smoking cessation aid

21 Days Challenge 4.11.0 English

Change your life with new habits in just 21 days

SpTH 4.5.0 English
SpTH 4.5.0

The COVID health control app for traveling to Spain

Femometer 4.12.3(3883) English
Femometer 4.12.3(3883)

Menstrual and fertility calendar

ThinkUp 5.5.6 English
ThinkUp 5.5.6

Motivational phrases for positive thinking

BabyChakra English

The guide you need to enjoy your pregnancy to the fullest 5.10.2 English 5.10.2

Make companions on the road to motherhood

280days 2.3.5 English
280days 2.3.5

Daily monitoring of your pregnancy

Pregnancy Week by Week 1.2.74 English

Your week by week guide to pregnancy

Glow Nurture 4.8.1 English

Comprehensive pregnancy tracking tool

Preglife 7.4.4 English
Preglife 7.4.4

A week-by-week guide to your pregnancy

Sprout 1.18 English
Sprout 1.18

You guide through pregnancy

What to Expect 7.21 English

Your guide to pregnancy and parenting

Ovia Pregnancy Tracker 2.9.6 English

Your travel companion during pregnancy

The Bump 3.68 English
The Bump 3.68

Your pregnancy and parenting guide

Aqualert 7.72 English
Aqualert 7.72

Reminders to drink water

Hydro 2.2.2 English
Hydro 2.2.2

Reminders to drink the right amount of water

Bearable 1.0.248 English
Bearable 1.0.248

Keep track of your mood, symptoms and medications

BabyCenter 4.20.1 English
BabyCenter 4.20.1

Parenting app for pregnant women and new parents

Talkspace 3.32.3 English
Talkspace 3.32.3

A therapist in your pocket

Huckleberry 0.9.146 English
Huckleberry 0.9.146

A sleep advisor for you and your baby in your pocket

Waking Up 2.0.91 English
Waking Up 2.0.91

Guided meditation and mindfulness on your smartphone

Happify 1.76.2 English
Happify 1.76.2

Techniques to fight anxiety and worries

What's Up? 2.50 English

Resources to fight depression, anxiety and other mental illnesses

Re-open EU 1.6.0 English
Re-open EU 1.6.0

Check coronavirus restrictions in Europe

Plant Nanny English
Plant Nanny

The most beautiful way not to forget to drink water

JioHealthHub 3.3.573 English
JioHealthHub 3.3.573

The app to manage your health and that of your loved ones

PrimeNap 1.1.4 English
PrimeNap 1.1.4

Analyse your sleep cycles

Sleep Monitor 1.8.2 English

Control your sleep and learn how to sleep better

VitusVet 3.33 English
VitusVet 3.33

Manage your pets' health with a single app

PetDesk 7.4.1 English
PetDesk 7.4.1

Tools for managing your pets' health care

CovPass 1.26.0 English
CovPass 1.26.0

The Robert Koch Institute's COVID Vaccination Certificate App

My Capillary Schedule 20.2105.3118 English
My Capillary Schedule 20.2105.3118

Create a hair care schedule

Pepapp 5.6.7 English
Pepapp 5.6.7

Stylish app to track your period

Youper 10.11.001 English
Youper 10.11.001

A chatbot that can help with anxiety

luca 1.4.12 English
luca 1.4.12

Health authorities help control COVID pandemic

Extreme Vibration 9.1 English

Your cell phone gives you massages with this app

Massager Vibration 5.1 English

Relax with the vibration of your cell phone

Medisafe 9.19.11199 English
Medisafe 9.19.11199

The app that alerts you to take your pills

HealthyWage 4.21.92 English
HealthyWage 4.21.92

Earn money by losing weight

Teladoc 4.10.1 English
Teladoc 4.10.1

Medical services in your pocket

Doctor on Demand 3.61.4 English

A doctor on your smartphone

DocsApp 2.4.90 English
DocsApp 2.4.90

Talk to a doctor through this app

Amwell English

Visit your doctor on your mobile phone

Wysa 2.9.8 English
Wysa 2.9.8

Manage your feelings and achieve happiness

The Pattern 1.3.15 English
The Pattern 1.3.15

Know yourself and improve your relationships with others

Blood Donor 2.0.3 English

The official app of the American Red Cross for donating blood

Be My Eyes 1.5.0 English
Be My Eyes 1.5.0

Help blind people from your smartphone

Heart Rate Plus 2.6.8 English

Track your heart rate with your smartphone

WomanLog 5.8.35 English
WomanLog 5.8.35

A reliable tool for monitoring the period

MyChart 9.6.3 English
MyChart 9.6.3

Application for accessing a range of healthcare services

Period Diary 4.14.0 English
Period Diary 4.14.0

The most beautiful app to keep track of women's health

Ovia Fertility 2.6.5 English

Intuitive app for recording the menstrual cycle