Health Applications for Android

These health applications for Android can help you to keep the right habits to live a healthy lifestyle and avoid different types of medical problems

Aarogya Setu 2.0.1 English

Information from the Indian government on COVID-19

Corona Warn App 2.24.0 English

The Robert Koch Institute app for tracing the spread of the coronavirus

Yuka 4.21 English
Yuka 4.21

Find out if you're eating healthy

Google Digital Wellbeing 1.1.448628614 English

Use your smartphone more rationally

Anti Mosquito 2.2 English

Keep those pesky mosquitos at bay

PeduliLindungi 3.1.3 English

App to fight COVID-19 in Indonesia

Feelsy 2.5.1 English
Feelsy 2.5.1

Activities to relax and reduce anxiety

iCare Health Monitor 3.9.5 English

Instant health checks

COCOA - COVID-19 Contact App 2.0.0 English

App for tracing and detecting COVID-19 coronavirus cases

PharmEasy 4.10.27 English
PharmEasy 4.10.27

Buy medicines from your Android

Finch 3.7.1 English
Finch 3.7.1

Improve you mood with the help of a pet

Motivation 3.3.3 English
Motivation 3.3.3

Positive phrases to motivate you

What to Expect 7.21 English

Your guide to pregnancy and parenting

Huckleberry 0.9.146 English
Huckleberry 0.9.146

A sleep advisor for you and your baby in your pocket

We-Connect 4.6.2 English
We-Connect 4.6.2

Control your sex toy remotely

Achievement 5.15.1 English
Achievement 5.15.1

Earn money by collaborating in health research

Fabulous 3.70 English
Fabulous 3.70

Learn healthy life habits

Hangover Remedy 1.0 English

Information, advice and remedies for hangovers

ShutEye 1.0.1 English
ShutEye 1.0.1

A tools to help you sleep better

Paired 0.738 English
Paired 0.738

Improve your couple relationship with the activities on this app

Psychological Tests 4.2.1 English

Psychological tests to put your life in order

Wocute 1.3.1 English
Wocute 1.3.1

A beautiful and elegant menstrual calendar

Cardio Journal 3.2.10 English

Record and analyze your blood pressure data

Blood Pressure Log 1.7.0 English

A blood pressure data diary on your smartphone

Blood Pressure Tracker 12.3.2 English

Blood pressure data recording and analysis

Blood Pressure Diary 0.1.17 English

Record your blood pressure data conveniently

BloodPressureDB 7.1.6 English

A digital diary to monitor your blood pressure

BPWatch 4.0.6 English
BPWatch 4.0.6

Record your blood pressure data

Qardio 2.1.3 English
Qardio 2.1.3

Record your blood pressure and weight in a sleek diary

SmartBP 3.1.3 English
SmartBP 3.1.3

Track and monitor your blood pressure

Relax: Meet Your Future 1.47 English

Relax, meditate, and see how you will look when you're older

MeetYou 1.2.0 English
MeetYou 1.2.0

An accurate tool to control your period

NINA 3.4.1 English
NINA 3.4.1

Warning signs throughout Germany

Blood Pressure App 1.2.2 English

Track your blood pressure

Mylo 1.04.40 English
Mylo 1.04.40

The guide that will be by your side through your pregnancy and beyond

Smoking Log 6.0.5 English

Quitting smoking is easier with this app

Quit Smoking 3.7.4 English

Guides, resources, and help to quit smoking

Flamy 3.0.13 English
Flamy 3.0.13

Quit smoking with the help of this app

Stop Smoking 4.0 English

A guide to smoking cessation

EasyQuit 1.5 English

A helping hand to quit smoking