Health Applications for Android

These health applications for Android can help you to keep the right habits to live a healthy lifestyle and avoid different types of medical problems

TousAntiCovid 3.5.0 English

The French app to track Covid 19

PeduliLindungi 3.1.3 English

App to fight COVID-19 in Indonesia

Flo Period & Ovulation Tracker 5.2.2 English

Manage your period and track your health status

luca 1.4.12 English
luca 1.4.12

Health authorities help control COVID pandemic

Aarogya Setu 1.4.1 English

Information from the Indian government on COVID-19

Yuka 4.6 English
Yuka 4.6

Find out if you're eating healthy

LibreLink 2.2.2 English
LibreLink 2.2.2

Efficient glycemia measurement level

Immuni 2.5.1 English
Immuni 2.5.1

Italian government app for tracing COVID-19 infections

TraceTogether 2.6.0 English

The Singaporean Government's coronavirus app

My Calendar - Period Tracker 1.718.223 English

When am I going to get my period?

Anti Mosquito 2.2 English

Keep those pesky mosquitos at bay

Body Temperature Diary 1.0 English

App for tracking your body temperature and pulse

Google Digital Wellbeing 1.0.381222135 English

Use your smartphone more rationally

Corona Warn App 2.5.1 English

The Robert Koch Institute app for tracing the spread of the coronavirus

Sleep Monitor English
Sleep Monitor

Control your sleep and learn how to sleep better

Lovense Remote 4.0.2 English

Control your sex toys remotely

CodeCheck 5.4.6 English
CodeCheck 5.4.6

Find out what is in the cosmestics and food you buy

COCOA - COVID-19 Contact App 1.2.3 English

App for tracing and detecting COVID-19 coronavirus cases

Massager Vibration 5.1 English

Relax with the vibration of your cell phone

Vibrator Strong 1.1.6 English

Mobile and vibrator in one

Rainy Mood 1.1 English

Relax listening to the rain fall

The Pattern 1.3.15 English
The Pattern 1.3.15

Know yourself and improve your relationships with others

TroveSkin 7.5.0 English
TroveSkin 7.5.0

Your skin care coach

MyFitnessPal 20.19.1 English
MyFitnessPal 20.19.1

Control your diet and the calories you ingest

Period Calendar 7.5.1 English

An app to keep an eye on your menstrual period

Think Dirty 2.0.5 English

Find out if a beauty product has toxic components

BodyFast 3.7.10 English
BodyFast 3.7.10

Lose weight safely with intermittent fasting and this app

Internal Organs in 3D 2.5 English

Study human anatomy on your Android

Blood Pressure 6.4.0 English

App to register blood pressure measurements

White Noise 7.3.2 English

The perfect sound atmosphere to rest

Folding@Home 1.00.61 English
Folding@Home 1.00.61

Find out how to save lives on your smartphone

Monitor Your Weight 5.1 English

Keep track of your weight with this Android app

Sleep Time 1.36.3575 English
Sleep Time 1.36.3575

Smart alarm clock that doesn't interrupt your sleep cycle

DoFasting 3.5.0 English
DoFasting 3.5.0

Create your diet and training plan with intermittent fasting

PharmEasy 4.9.29 English
PharmEasy 4.9.29

Buy medicines from your Android

Stop Covid19 2.1.1 English

Catalan regional government app for monitoring COVID 19

Daylio 1.38.7 English
Daylio 1.38.7

The perfect diary for lazy people

Fastic 1.33.1 English
Fastic 1.33.1

Lose weight with intermittent fasting and this app

Foodvisor 3.8.0 English
Foodvisor 3.8.0

An app to be totally in charge of your diet

Lose It! 12.5.201 English
Lose It! 12.5.201

Lose weight with a customized program