Health Applications for Android

These health applications for Android can help you to keep the right habits to live a healthy lifestyle and avoid different types of medical problems

Flo Period & Ovulation Tracker 4.5.0 English

Manage your period and track your health status

Noisli 1.1.2 English
Noisli 1.1.2

Create your own atmosphere with pleasant sounds

LibreLink 1.4.1 English
LibreLink 1.4.1

Efficient glycemia measurement level

Moodies Emotions Analytics 1.6.8 English

An app that studies emotions

Monitor Your Weight 4.9.3 English

Keep track of your weight with this Android app

Anti Mosquito 2.0 English

Drive away bothersome mosquitos

Zen - Relax and Meditations 3.0.4 English

Relax with this transcendental app

OnTrack Diabetes 3.2.7 English

Making life easier for diabetics

Hangover 1.0 English

Calculate the proportions of your hangover

Relax Music 1.7.2 English

Relaximing music to sleep and for meditation

Aura 0.44 English
Aura 0.44

Reach your inner peace thanks to this app

Sleep Talk Recorder 2.1.1 English

Record what you say in your sleep

Fabulous 3.45 English
Fabulous 3.45

Learn healthy life habits

Fit Brains 3.1.1 English
Fit Brains 3.1.1

Keep your brain in shape

Samsung Health English
Samsung Health

Monitor your workouts and health

Instant Heart Rate 5.36.3782 English

Instantly calculate your heartbeat

WaterMinder 2.0.2 English

Remember when to drink water

Calm 4.5.1 English
Calm 4.5.1

An app to relax and sleep better

Elevate 5.4 English
Elevate 5.4

Improve your oral and written communication skills

Runtastic Balance 1.13 English

Eat healthly whilst you also keep fit

The Mindfulness App 4.2.41 English

Mental relaxation app

Quit Smoking 2.8 English

Gradually give up your dependence on tobacco

Calorie Counter 7.8.27 English

Keep track of the calories of the food you eat

Open Food Facts 2.9.7 English

Nutritional info about thousands of food products on your phone

Smoking Time Machine 1.0.2 English

Check out what your face will look like in 20 years time

First Aid 2.0.9 English
First Aid 2.0.9

Complete first aid guide

UP Jawbone 4.29.0 English
UP Jawbone 4.29.0

Thorough control of your daily habits to make them healthier

Social Diabetes 4.4.0 English

Application to keep an eye on your diabetes

Diet Assistant 7F070202 English
Diet Assistant 7F070202

Turn your Android into an assistant to lose weight

Diet Plan Recipes 11.13.11 English

Recipes adapted to each type of diet

Go Tanning 2.1.0 English
Go Tanning 2.1.0

Get the perfect tan

Google Fit 2.09.11-130 English
Google Fit 2.09.11-130

Keep fit with Google

Sleep Better 2.3.3 English

Monitor your sleep stages

Insight Timer 13.3.14 English
Insight Timer 13.3.14

Concentrate, relax, and sleep better

HelpDiabetes 2.0.10 English
HelpDiabetes 2.0.10

Control the amount of carbohydrates you consume

DAFNE Online 1.2.283 English
DAFNE Online 1.2.283

The app of the diabetic community

Hang Over 1.022 English
Hang Over 1.022

Application to get rid of hangovers

Hangover Cures 1.4 English

Cures for hangovers

Hangover Remedy 1.0 English

Information, advice and remedies for hangovers

Lifesum 7.1.2 English
Lifesum 7.1.2

Monitor your diet and exercise to reach your targets