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The Beat Keeper app is a simple tool that logs the data obtained when you measure your heart rate in order to create a record that is always accessible


Keep track of your heart rate

November 20, 2023
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Do you frequently have to measure your heart rate for medical reasons? The Beat Keeper Android app has all you need to record heart rate data, creating a digital log that you will be able to carry with you at all times.

Log your data and learn about cardiovascular health

Beat Keeper Android is a very simple health and wellness app that helps us record heart rate data. It is important to point out that this app doesn't measure heart rate (because with just a phone and an app it can't be done), but is only for recording the data. In addition, the developers remind us that it is not intended for medical use, and that the information collated here should only be used as a general reference.

It securely stores your heart rate history, allowing you to review past readings and compare data over days, weeks, or months.

Added to that, when we enter the data, the platform tells us if our heart rate is normal, slow, or fast, based on beats per minute. And that's not all, because when we download Beat Keeper APK for free, we will also gain access to a menu that features five short informative articles on cardiovascular health.

Requirements and additional information:

  • Minimum operating system requirements: Android 6.0
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