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Take care of your mental health with Voidpet Garden, a nice app that invites you to be friends with pets that arise from your emotions to accept them


Learn to accept your emotions and improve your mental health

January 9, 2024
9 / 10

Voidpet Garden APK is a mental health and emotional wellness app that helps you understand yourself better. The basic premise is to collect "empty" pets that you will shape with your emotions while learning to process your feelings.

How to understand and accept your feelings and emotions

After you download Voidpet Garden Android for free, you will descend into a void that you must turn into an oasis as you befriend some mysterious creatures called Voidpet that arise from your emotions. The shape of their eyes indicates the emotional family to which they belong, while their number of eyes is related to their degree of maturity. The idea is to live with your emotions in the form of a pet, take care of them, understand them and watch them grow.

Descend into the void and make friends with mysterious creatures that arise from your emotions.

The more powerful the emotion, the harder it will be for us to handle the pet that represents it. Beyond this, Voidpet Garden APK brings together the following outstanding features:

  • Pets with unique personalities of various kinds.
  • A garden to plant trees that we must take care of every day.
  • Functions to name our emotions to better understand ourselves.
  • Pet battles in a vacuum.
  • Scientific system inspired by cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) to learn how to reframe negative thoughts from a positive point of view.
  • Exercises to practice gratitude.
  • List of long-term goals.
  • Meditation tool with timer.
  • Mood tracker.

The result is an interesting and original tool that helps you process your emotions from a game perspective. But, although it is an aid, this app does not replace a health and psychology professional.

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