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The Pattern is a personal well-being application that tries to help the user to know himself better and to improve the connections with other people


Know yourself and improve your relationships with others

December 1, 2020
7 / 10

With over 7 billion people on Earth by the end of 2020, thinking of oneself as unique or special seems a little absurd. This seems to be the view of the developers of The Pattern, who bet that human beings obey more or less abundant patterns and, therefore, it is possible to find people who are related to each other if we identify these.

Know yourself and others

This application seeks to enable the user to get to know himself better and connect with people who understand life in similar parameters. But for that the first thing is to improve the relationship with oneself and this is what it offers, a system of mental self-exploration that will help you identify your character. This will help you to create a profile compatible with other people's, thus being able to create a support network in search of friendship, help, common interests, etc.

The Pattern, which has been selected by Google as one of the best applications of 2020, offers these features:

  • Identify your mental patterns based on your personality traits.
  • Create custom profiles so that anyone else can connect with you based on compatibility.
  • Identify friendship patterns and find out what your friendship really looks like.
  • Get information about your romantic patterns and find out about your love life.
  • Connect with the community and share experiences.

Requirements and additional information:

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