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Do you never remember to take your medication on time? The MyTherapy app reminds you to take your pills and also to perform all your medical treatments

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Do you take a lot of medicine? Do you always miss your pills? This app may be the solution for you. Set up alerts to remind you to follow all your treatments and take care of your health with a complete and organized system.

It's time to take your pills

Many people put an alarm on their mobile phone to remind them to take their pills. However, this application offers us much more than that, as we can set alarms to follow all kinds of treatments, see at a glance the day's schedule and check the progress we have made, among other things. This way, we can set up alerts for:

  • Taking medication, adding it manually or scanning the barcode on the box.
  • Take measurements of health status (weight, blood sugar, heart rate...).
  • Do some physical activity, such as running, dancing or playing football.
  • Checking symptoms, which will be analysed by means of a questionnaire.
  • Remembering doctor's appointments.

By combining a pill record, mood monitoring, and health journal, this medication reminder app will allow you to achieve successful treatment.

You can also set up all the details, such as the number of pill doses, different times for each day, and even keep an inventory to prevent you from running out of pills. With all the information that MyTherapy obtains day by day, I will create statistics so that you can check your progress.

If you take a lot of medication and get confused, setting up this app is quick, intuitive and simple. Forget about the scares of not remembering the pill and live calmly with the automatic reminders of this tool. And on top of that, we can invite our friends, family and doctors to see our results. But be careful that the ads don't kill you, they come out spontaneously from time to time.

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