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The traditional worry dolls jump to the virtual world in Worrydolls, an app that gives us a shoulder to cry on and helps us mitigate depression and anxiety


Tell your worries to the doll to relieve your anxiety

July 17, 2024
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The worry dolls, also known as trouble dolls or Muñeca quitapena in Spanish, are small amulets in the shape of tiny dolls that originated in Guatemala. These dolls are handmade and dressed in colorful threads or fabrics, although the overall level of detail is not very high.

But it is not their design that matters, but their use. According to tradition, when a person has a huge worry or nightmares, they should tell the doll about the problem that keeps them up at night. After doing this, the doll will help you carry that load until it disappears. Worrydolls APK offers the digital version of this beautiful tradition to help us relieve worries, anxiety, and sorrows.

The digital version of the worry dolls

Worrydolls Android is a fantastic wellness and health app that offers an endearing 2D virtual version of the classic worry dolls. The purpose of this app is to give us a little doll to whom we can talk about a worry weighing us down. The doll will share the burden and take some of that weight off our shoulders.

Using this app is quite simple. Just open the app and tap the blue button to create a new doll to talk about our sorrows. Our concerns are recorded inside each doll, allowing us to keep track of them. In addition, we will be able to tell the doll new thoughts about the problem so that it can record them in a digital diary.

A help for anxiety and depression.

Once the problem has been overcome, the doll must be released. But, before leaving, it will ask us if the situation was as bad as we expected. When the process is finished, the doll will go to the section of finished concerns.

If you download Worrydolls for free, it will give us a quick comfort to turn to when we do not want to bother anyone. It is also a good way to reduce anxiety and get rid of those things that hurt us so much. Additionally, it has no ads, respects users' privacy, and has an attractive design.

Requirements and additional information:

  • Minimum operating system requirements: Android 4.4.
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