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Would you like to know your heart rate without extra devices? We just need to download the Cardiograph APK, and the camera or the sensor from a mobile


Measure your heart rate with your Android

July 9, 2024
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Did you know that you can measure your heart rate with your mobile phone or tablet? It is not the most precise method in the world, but this app from the MacroPinch study lets us know the rhythm of our heartbeat without using external devices, such as smartwatches or pulsometers. Let us tell you how it works.

You can save your results to consult them later and keep track of several people, with their individual profiles.

Can you monitor your heart rate with your phone?

Cardiograph is a very simple tool that lets us know our heart rate at a particular time. To do this, we just have to leave our finger pressed on the camera of our device and wait a few seconds. Immediately we will know the rhythm of our heartbeat.

A great aspect of this app is that we can create several users and register the data in their respective profiles. This way, we can keep track and consult the record at any time.

Use the standard camera on your device or a dedicated sensor to calculate your heart rate. The same method as with professional medical equipment!

The interface is simple, beautiful, and intuitive, so we can use it without complicating our lives (or altering our pulse!). Also, it is compatible with Android Wear and can be very useful for us to know our status when we are under a lot of stress or doing intense exercise.

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