Kinder World: Wellbeing Plants Android

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Kinder World: Wellbeing Plants is a beautiful, emotional well-being game that helps you explore and embrace your emotions as you care for virtual plants


Relax and meditate while you care for your plants

January 29, 2024
10 / 10

We all need to take a break from time to time. But sometimes, we forget how to do it. Kinder World: Wellbeing Plants APK uses plants as a way for us to take time for ourselves, understand our emotions, relax, and share some kindness with the world.

Feel, relax, and grow

The Kinder World: Wellbeing Plants Android app is an emotional health and wellness game with beautiful 2D graphics that invites us to create a digital oasis of plants in the Woodlands. In the company of a friendly dog named Samy (a fluffy Samoyed with a hat), we are going to take care of lots of plants while taking care of our mental health at the same time.

Our only task is to log in twice per day (once in the morning and once in the evening) to water our plants. A very nice detail of this game is that the light that bathes the room will change according to the time of day. But the most fascinating feature is that plants represent our emotional well-being, meaning they will grow stronger the more we care for them. How? By watering them with enriched water.

To enrich the water, we have to perform a kindness activity. Throughout the game, we will discover different activities to do, such as:

  • Stop and breathe.
  • Daily gratitude.
  • Naming emotions.

Different emotions produce different colored soil. There are no wrong feelings, even if they are negative, and that is precisely what this game aims to teach us: even complicated emotions can create something beautiful. To help us understand this and reinforce the positive atmosphere, we can also read and share positive messages with other players.

Welcome to a world of emotional wellness and self-care, where goodness grows on trees.

On the other hand, one of the most unique mechanics of this game is that we must take our time to progress. The game does not let us advance faster, no matter how many times we water our plants. Therefore, one of the reasons to download Kinder World: Wellbeing Plants for free is that it teaches us not to rush and to keep anxiety at bay so that we can grow together with our plants.

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