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The World Health Organization makes its hearWHO application available to us, a free tool to help us detect symptoms of hearing loss and test our hearing


WHO app to check your hearing

March 3, 2023
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The hearWHO Android app is a free tool from the World Health Organization (WHO) to test people's hearing and detect possible hearing loss through a simple hearing test. Its purpose is to educate society about the importance of caring for hearing health, which can deteriorate due to the influence of various factors.

Early detection of hearing loss with your smartphone

To perform the WHO hearing test, we must download hearWHO for free and connect headphones to our device. After reading a brief guide and completing the user profile with some personal data, we can start the test.

The listening test has a total of 23 audio files. We will listen to three numbers over a background noise that gradually increases in volume in each of them. It is up to us to tap the numbers we have heard (or thought we heard) on the virtual keyboard.

Everyone should have their hearing checked periodically, especially those with a higher risk of hearing loss.

Once the hearing test is completed, the hearWHO APK will show us our score and store it in the history. If the score is above 75 points, our hearing is good. However, if it is below 50, it is a symptom that the user may suffer some level of hearing loss. And although the WHO warns us that this app does not provide a medical diagnosis, it serves as an indication to seek professional help.

Requirements and additional information:

  • Minimum operating system requirements: Android 5.0.
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