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uSound tells us how well we can hear and turns our phone into a hearing assistant. Download the APK and hear better thanks to your new hearing assistant


The hearing aid you can carry in your pocket

December 26, 2023
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We live in a very noisy society. Anyone with experience of living in a big city knows how much sound pollution there is, just from going out onto the street: pedestrians, traffic of all kinds, road works …. anything that can make a load noise is there.

This constant exposure to load noise means we have to take precautions.

All that noise can lead to momentary buzzing in our ears. This apparently harmless irritation can become a real problem over time, leading to other health problems or problems with balance. And since prevention is better than cure, you can take a little hearing test with uSound. It’s not as robust as doing the test in a hearing clinic, but it’s a least a starting point.

Testing your hearing is not the only purpose of this app. It converts your phone into a hearing assistant that can help you to hear better in various situations (for example, watching a film on very loud or at school). However, it can never be a replacement for properly fitted hearing aids.

As easy as connecting your headphones

To start using uSound, just connect some earphones and before you do anything else, take the hearing test. The app is designed to help you hear any sound captured by your device through your earphones, so you need to know what your hearing’s like.

Once you’ve done the test you can configure how your earphones respond to the sound coming out of your phone in the app and if the hearing test finds any problems, go and see your doctor. You need professional help with clinical issues, and uSound can’t take the place of your doctor or audiologist.

The main features of uSound are these:

  • Easy to use, just connect your earphones and press a button.
  • Rapid set up in any situation.
  • Hearing test results always available.
  • uSound can deal with all types of sound.
  • 24-hour support by chat with a medical team.

Requirements and additional information:

  • Minimum operating system requirements: Android 5.0
  • Offers in-app purchases.
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