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Would you like to play a (bad) joke on your friends? The WhatsMock app allows us to create fake WhatsApp conversations to play pranks on our friends.


Create fake WhatsApp conversations to play pranks on your friends

February 26, 2024
6 / 10

The Indian studio Playfake, specialized in prank apps, now offers us a tool with which we can create a fake version of WhatsApp to mess with our friends. We just need to download the APK file and invest a few seconds in creating fake contacts and conversations.

Fake chat conversations, but very realistic

WhatsMock is a funny tool for Android devices with which we can create fake WhatsApp conversations. We can edit everything to our liking. It offers options to create contacts and chats with great detail.

Create fake chat conversations and fool your friends.

The possibilities offered are so wide-ranging that the only limit is our imagination. Thus, we can control both sides of the conversation, pretend to send image, video and audio files, make fake calls, add emoticons, change the date, make a call log... Every little detail will be under our control.

Obviously, this app serves is just for playing pranks on our friends and family and surprising them. In fact, the platform itself has included a watermark to prevent people from misusing and even fraudulent use of the system. So be careful not to be too funny.

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