Fun and Jokes Applications for Android

These fun and jokes applications will make your Android a much more entertaining device, perfect to have a laugh by yourself or with your friends

Apple Pie 1.0 English

Play loud pranks on your mates with this app

WiFi Hacker Ultimate 3.5 English

A prank to pretend to detect WiFi networks

Akinator 8.4.2 English
Akinator 8.4.2

The app of the genie capable of reading your mind

TikJoke 1.0.2 English
TikJoke 1.0.2

Fake app that imitates TikTok

Fingerprint Lock Screen 6.2 English

A fun lock screen

JokesPhone 2.2.251120.140 English
JokesPhone 2.2.251120.140

Misbehave with prank phone calls

iFunny X 7.13.5 English
iFunny X 7.13.5

Tons of memes and funny videos

PitzMaker 1.4.8 English
PitzMaker 1.4.8

Create an original avatar for yourself which looks like a manga character

Elf Yourself 10.1.0 English
Elf Yourself 10.1.0

Become a friendly elf

WhatsMock 1.9.2 English
WhatsMock 1.9.2

Create fake WhatsApp conversations to play pranks on your friends

Funsta 2.4.2 English
Funsta 2.4.2

A fake version of Instagram to joke around with your friends

Dance Yourself 3 English

Create videos of yourself dancing

MeowTalk 1.0.0 English
MeowTalk 1.0.0

Find out what your cat is saying with this translator

Prank Call Wars 1.1.63 English

Play prank phone calls to your friends or not-so-friends

Countdown App 10 English

Countdown to your death

Fantastic Face 2.1.2 English

Find out what your face is hiding

Meme Creator 7.2.3 English

Meme generator for Android without watermarks

Talking Santa 3.4 English

The most talkative santa

Juasapp - Prank Calls 1.3.250620.104 English
Juasapp - Prank Calls 1.3.250620.104

Play phone pranks on your friends

iBooks 2.2.1 English
iBooks 2.2.1

Simulate that you download books from the Apple store

theCHIVE 2.18.1 English
theCHIVE 2.18.1

Laugh out loud with a lot of funny contents

Celebs 1.1.1 English
Celebs 1.1.1

Which famous person do you look like?

Memasik 5.2.1 English
Memasik 5.2.1

Create your own memes

Neverthink 5.0.5 English
Neverthink 5.0.5

Thousands of original video memes for a fun time

GENIES 1.0.4 English
GENIES 1.0.4

Create animated avatars and use them in your conversations and social networks

ChallengeLab 2.2.0 English

Discover how much you know about different stuff and how you will look as you get older

FakeTalk English

A chatbot to pretend that we are talking to someone

Cat Translator Simulator 1.3.3 English

Find out what your cat is trying to tell you

Dog Translator Simulator 1.3.3 English

A translation tool to communicate with your dog

Parodist 1.6.8 English
Parodist 1.6.8

Customized audios with celebrity voices

MeMiMessage 5.6.0 English

Write stories in text chat format

Text Message Creator 6.12 English

Create fake chat conversations and record them on video

WhatsFake 1.3.6 English
WhatsFake 1.3.6

Create fake WhatsApp conversations

TextingStory 3.14 English

Write your own stories in chat room format

The Mandalorian AR Experience English

The Star Wars series goes into augmented reality

Message from Santa! 3.4.3 English

Talk and chat with Santa Claus

Prankyapp 1.21.466 English
Prankyapp 1.21.466

Phone pranks for a few laughs

Prank Caller 2.3.7 English

Spend jokes on the phone with your friends without complicating your life

MyPhoneRobot Prank Call 10.6 English

App to make prank phone calls to your friends

Among Us Maker 4.0 English

Create your favorite character from Among Us