Fun and Jokes Applications for Android

These fun and jokes applications will make your Android a much more entertaining device, perfect to have a laugh by yourself or with your friends

WhatsApp Bomber 1.0.1 English

App that blocks WhatsApp

WiFi Hacker Ultimate 3.3 English

A prank to pretend to detect WiFi networks

magiapp 2.6 English
magiapp 2.6

Touch up WhatsApp photos

FlipLip Voice Changer 1.2.5 English

Choose a voice for each situation

Cleverbot 2.2.11 English
Cleverbot 2.2.11

Speak with your phone and hold entertaining dialogs

Talking Tom Cat 3.5.4 English

The Android game about the cat that talks

Photo Magic for WhatsApp 1.0 English

Edit photos for WhatsApp with a surprise

Narrator's Voice 6.3.8 English

Convert any text into audio

Lobola Calculator 1.2.4 English

Calculate your dowry in cows

Elf Yourself 6.0.8 English

Become a Christmas elf

Happy Birthday Song 1.0.0 English

The best way to sing a happy birthday

Fake Call 0.23 English
Fake Call 0.23

Pretend receiving a phone call

Juasapp - Prank Calls 1.1.020418.79 English
Juasapp - Prank Calls 1.1.020418.79

Play phone pranks on your friends

Facejjang 2.50 English
Facejjang 2.50

Star in fun videos

Female Voice Changer 1.3 English

Distort your voice with female tones

ZombieBooth 2 1.5.1 English
ZombieBooth 2 1.5.1

Discover what your friends would look like if they were zombies

Akinator 6.3 English

Test the genie that will read your mind

Love Test Calculator 1.1.25 English

Carry out the love compatibility test

X-Ray Scanner 1.7.6 English

Simulate an X-ray viewer on your Android

Robot Voice Changer 34 English

Apply different effects to your voice

iBeer 1.6 English
iBeer 1.6

Turn your phone into a beer

Always BHappy 3.0.4 English

Take part in the happiness competition

NORAD Tracks Santa 3.0.3 English

Follow Father Christmas' day at work

Wishbone 5.4.6 English
Wishbone 5.4.6

Choose every morning

Flash Light 2.4 English

A candle on your smartphone

Fake Location Spoofer 4.8.9 English

Pretend to be in other places and send fake locations

Ghost In Photo 2.2 English

Take photos with ghosts and play pranks

Donald Draws: Executive Doodle 1.5.1 English

Trump draws

PNP Portable North Pole 2017 4.3.3 English

Enjoy Christmas with this best Santa Claus app

iBooks 2.2.1 English
iBooks 2.2.1

Simulate that you download books from the Apple store

BuddyCon 3.5.3 English
BuddyCon 3.5.3

Create funny avatars for your contacts

Insultator 1.3.1 English
Insultator 1.3.1

Generate automatic insults

Phonechievements 1.52 English

Prove what you can do with your Android

Lie Detector 6.0.7 English

The polygraph for Android has arrived

Human-to-Cat Translator 1.11 English

Translate your words to cat language

Androidify 4.2 English

Portray Android's mascot with your own style

BroApp 1.20 English
BroApp 1.20

The application that messages your girlfriend for you

Meme Generator 1.2 English

The app you need to create memes on Android

Voice Changer 1.0 English

Apply different sound effects to your voice

Simulator Laser 1.9 English

Pretend to have a laser on your phone