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Would you like to chat for a while? The FakeTalk application offers us a chatbot that lets us start fake conversations with artificial intelligence


A chatbot to pretend that we are talking to someone

December 27, 2023
7 / 10

Humans are social beings and need to interact with others. Nowadays, it is as simple as picking up your phone and sending a message to a friend. But this app goes a step further and offers us a chatbot to have conversations with the AI and all kinds of users created on our demand.

Talk to all kinds of virtual characters

FakeTalk is a chatbot for Android devices where you can have quite realistic chat conversations with the app's artificial intelligence. To do this, after downloading the APK file, we must create a user and at least one character to talk to.

It lets you turn a celebrity or a person into a virtual friend.

One of the main features of this tool is that it lets us add all kinds of details about our virtual friends. In this way, we will be able to choose their name, gender, photo, age, job, nationality, weight, and height, among other information.

However, the most interesting configuration options are those of age difference, personality, and relationship with our virtual self. This gives us the possibility to create celebrities, friends, partners, friends with benefits, family members, teachers, students, fans of our own character, and more. And then, we can finish our creation with one of the four different personalities.

On the other hand, in the chat window, we will be able to write text, send icons, and even share images. And we will not always have to write to get a reply, as AI users can also take the initiative. The result is quite interesting and realistic, offering us the possibility of chatting with someone whenever we feel like it. Even if it is an AI.

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