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Pocket Girl is a disturbing game that includes a simulator where a 'real' girl is waiting for you and will obey your every order and play with you


A virtual girl who obeys your orders

December 29, 2023
7 / 10

Pocket Girl is a kind of realistic simulator that mimics virtual pet games. However, instead of playing with a cute little animal, you will play with a "real" girl, which raises some moral questions.

Your wish is my command

The approach of this title is based on selling the idea that you will have a girl who obeys all your orders at the drop of a hat and without complains. In fact, you can choose between several commands and there even is a box to write any action that come to mind.

However, this simulator in fact involves a set of pre-recorded videos. That is, all tasks and commands are closed, so there is no room for improvisation. In other words, what you will see are recorded videos where a girl performs different gestures and movements in a loop. And that's if the videos load, since the app has some issues when playing them.

You will be able to type different commands or texts to unlock different actions and videos.

The APK file download also includes two mini-games where you are supposed to play with the girl: the classic tic-tac-toe and a color version of the iconic Pong. Neither of them is a wonder, but at least they maintain the fiction that there is a girl at your disposal on the other side of the screen.

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