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Make your friends believe you've got an X-ray scanner on your Android phone thanks to Body Scanner Free Prank. You might find a monkey scanning your mates


An X-ray app to play pranks on our friends

September 10, 2021
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As you've probably gathered from its name, Body Scanner Free Prank is an application that intends to simulate an X-Ray scanner or a medical body scanner. These applications were even popular before the arrival of smartphones when mobile phones didn't even have an operating system, just firmware.

Together with dog whistles, it must be one of the most stupid applications on the market. But at least its developer has warned us that it's basically a prank, as others can't even be bothered to do so. The reason is obvious: bring in new installations and display adverts to earn money.

The accelerometer doesn't work properly

And if all that weren't enough, to be able to use this application we'll have to have our phone in horizontal mode (as it works with the accelerometer). Just imagine for one moment that you find the application funny and you want to try to trick your friend. You tell him to pick up your phone and to point it at you to see how it works.

Well, we can't even do that because the accelerometer is only configured to work on a horizontal surface, not vertical, so we'd have to lie down on the floor with our friend above us. Doesn't sound very comfortable to tell you the truth.

The images used are ever so random

Hasn't anyone thought that if it's an X-Ray application it should show the bones a chimpanzee and not the whole animal? Not bad as a prank but the chimpanzee isn't very well designed, as they've simply chosen a random photo and placed it there, without bones or anything.

As we said before, we're got two different images: a human skeleton and a chimpanzee. We can switch between them and change the speed at which we display the animation whilst moving our phone.

Requirements and additional information:

  • Minimum operating system requirements: Android 1.6.
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