The best cooking and recipe apps for Android

Prepare simple, easy and delicious meals, and access tips and tricks to improve your dishes with the best cooking and recipe apps available on Android. Thousands of recipes on your phone that can be checked whenever you need them

ekilu 3.8.1 English
ekilu 3.8.1

Healthy cooking with what you have at home

Tasty 1.59.0 English
Tasty 1.59.0

The most popular Facebook recipes on your phone

Allrecipes Dinner Spinner 6.6.1 English

Application of cooking recipes of all kinds

Food Network Kitchen 7.15.0 English

Learn how to cook and improve your cooking skills

Recipe Calendar 3.40 English

Save time in the kitchen with this meal planner

Eat This Much 1.167 English

A meal planner that fits you

Whisk 1.11.0 English
Whisk 1.11.0

Discover and collect recipes

Food Planner English
Food Planner

Convenient meal planner for Android

Jow 2.0.6 (5) (5) English
Jow 2.0.6 (5) (5)

Automate your shopping list based on your recipes

Mealime 4.11.1 English
Mealime 4.11.1

Healthy meal plans and recipes

Easy Dessert Recipes 2.0.0 English

Learn to make desserts as simple as they are delicious

BigOven 6.0.1 English
BigOven 6.0.1

Do you need inspiration to coock and prepare your weekly menu?

myTaste 2.6.2 English
myTaste 2.6.2

Save all of your favorite recipes on this app

VegMenu - Vegetarian and vegan recipes 5.11.9 English

Recipe book full of vegan and vegetarian dishes

Vegan Amino 3.4.33514 English
Vegan Amino 3.4.33514

A meeting point for the vegan community

Vegamecum - Vegan recipes 3.11.3 English

Discover different vegan recipes every day

Thermomix Cookidoo 1.3 English

The Thermomix cookbook

Yummly 5.9 English
Yummly 5.9

The ultimate recipe app

Youmiam 3.21.7 English
Youmiam 3.21.7

Become a true chef

Kitchen Stories 13.9.4A English

The best cooking app for Android

Cookpad English

Explore and discover recipes from thousands of users

Halloween Drink Recipes 1.0 English

Collection of Halloween cocktails

Watch Food Network 4.11.1 English

Access the programs of Food Network from Android