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ekilu (Nooddle) is a healthy cooking app with a modern interface, where you can search for recipes based on what they have in the fridge or on your diet


Healthy cooking with what you have at home

June 25, 2024
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Healthy eating is not always easy. Due to a lack of time, we often open the refrigerator and grab the pre-prepared meal full of additives and preservatives that we shouln't have even bought in the first place or we end up ordering a take-away pizza.

ekilu (Nooddle) helps you do things right. It is an app with healthy recipes that are easy to make and which you can search for based on the ingredients that you have at home, so that you can cook healthy and balanced meals for the whole family in 20 minutes.

Main features

On a modern, easy-to-use interface, the app features the following options:

  • Search for recipes based on ingredients or the type of meal.
  • Customize searches in order to limit them if you are vegetarian, vegan, allergic or intolerant to any kind of food and want to avoid certain ingredients, such as sugar.
  • Recipes are sorted into categories to help you come up with ideas: quick recipes, gluten-free, vegetarian, tupperware, rice, breakfasts, smoothies, fitness...
  • Includes advice on nutrition and healthy living from nutritional experts and tips to avoid wasting food.
  • Get better organized by creating a weekly menu from your shopping list.

Requirements and additional information:

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