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2.0.0 The Easy Dessert Recipes app offers a delicious compendium of simple recipes for all the budding chefs out there who delight in the art of patisserie
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Baking is an art and, as such, is very difficult to master. If you want to prepare your own desserts, but lack the skills to make great dishes, you can start with something simple. In this app there are a lot of recipes suitable for cooks of all levels that will make you lick your fingers. What are we baking today?

Easy recipes that are explained step by step for your convenience.

Surprise your family with the best desserts

Download the APK file of Easy Dessert Recipes and you'll get access to a great collection of recipes of sweet dishes that, as the title says, are easy to prepare. You'll no longer have an excuse to make the richest cakes!

Before starting our culinary adventure we have to choose a language, English or Spanish. And be careful, because the recipes aren't exactly the same. In both versions of the app we will find two lists of recipes: easy desserts and cold desserts. The latter do not want to be baked, so they are even easier to make.

There's a section with easy no-bake recipes, perfect for those of us who don't have an oven.

You'll be left wanting more!

There's also a series of useful tips for the more inexperienced in the world of cooking (although the experts would do well to remember them). Inside each recipe card we get a photo of the result we want to achieve, a list of ingredients and the steps. These steps could be a little more detailed, but they're good enough to follow the process without much difficulty.

Homemade desserts tend to be much healthier than the ones we buy. So give yourself the joy of eating a guilty pleasure prepared by yourself and surprise your family and friends with custard, apple pies, ice cream, tiramisu, flan, brownies, chocolate delights and other homemade dishes. With this app you'll become the official family pastry chef!

Requirements and additional information:
  • Minimum operating system requirements: Android 4.0.3.
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