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4.11.1 No more excuses, today we start eating healthy with Mealime, a fantastic application that will help us cook healthy dishes in a short time and plan menus
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Most of us eat quite wrong. Some for lack of time, some for pure laziness, and others for mere ignorance. This app will help us plan our menus with healthy dishes, so we avoid wasting food and save money while taking care of ourselves.

How to eat healthier

Everybody would like to eat healthier, but we tend to think that it takes time and money (and tasteless food). In this app, we will find a great library of healthy recipes with dishes ordered by themes: popular, breakfast, quick and easy, vegetarian, cheap, Mediterranean, pasta, steaks, stir-fries, rice, and more.

There are dishes to suit all preferences. However, to access most of them, we will have to buy the app's pro version.

Within each recipe, we will see a list of the cooking tools we need, the ingredients and instructions, as well as the cooking time. The numbers shown will be adapted to make the number of servings we have indicated, although we can edit this value at any time.

A simple way for busy singles, couples, and families to plan their meals and eat healthier.

Customized meal plan

"What are we eating today?" It is a simple question, but many people find it hard to prepare the daily menu, especially if we want our meals to be healthy and balanced. Mealime makes this task easier for us.

Once we have seen the dishes we like, we can add them to our meal plan. The app will show us the list with our selection and will automatically create the shopping list with the precise quantities to prepare the number of portions we have chosen.

This way, we can go to the market with the weekly shopping list done, being able to do our shopping quicker and more efficiently. We will also avoid buying too much by making a responsible consumption of food and saving some money.

And, at the same time, we will take care of ourselves with a healthier diet and enjoy the convenience of having the weekly menu planned. Eating tasty and healthy with easy-to-prepare food is possible if we download this app's APK file.

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