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TomTom AmiGO is the speed cam alert application for Android developed by TomTom. Receive all sorts of information about radars and incidents on the road

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TomTom, the company that develops GPS navigators for cars, also has its own speed cam app for Android. It's called TomTom AmiGO and it notifies you on your mobile device with accurate and timely alerts about all sorts of traffic cameras (fixed, mobile and section radars), as well as traffic incidents.

Drive safely receiving information about speed cams and traffic.

By downloading the APK of this speed cam application you'll be able to get hold of the following features on your phone, which are very useful if you usually travel by car:

  • Community with over 5 million users that share and check the veracity of the speed cam locations.
  • Accurate position of the speed cams verified by TomTom.
  • Real-time updates to mobile speed cameras.
  • Indication of section radars.
  • Alerts about slow traffic on your route.
  • Overlay mode to receive notifications despite using another application.

Where can I use TomTom Speed Cameras?

The list of countries where you can use this app is really long, including the most of Europe and other countries around the world:

Spain, France, Portugal, Andorra, Netherlands, Belgium, Austria, United Kingdom, Germany, Poland, Switzerland, Norway, Sweden, Russia, Argentina, Thailand, USA, Australia, New Zealand or South Africa.

Requirements and additional information:
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Antony Peel
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