Sports Applications for Android

With our sports apps you'll find out how to perform better in your favorite sport as well as following the results, scores and matches of your favorite team

NBA App 0.40.1 English
NBA App 0.40.1

The official NBA application

ESPN 7.7.1 English
ESPN 7.7.1

The results and news app of the sports channel

Premier League - Official App English

The official app of the English football league

Live Football 700 English

Watch all the goals scored in the soccer matches played

UEFA EURO 2024 Official 12.2.6 English

UEFA's official app to follow international football and the European Championship

Copa America 10.0.8 English
Copa America 10.0.8

The official app of the soccer tournament

Olympics 8.3.2 English
Olympics 8.3.2

The official app of the next Olympic Games

RM Play 1.8.0 English
RM Play 1.8.0

Official platform to watch videos and Real Madrid games

My Soccer Stats 4.0.7 English

All the statistics of your soccer team

MLB At Bat English
MLB At Bat

Follow the North American baseball league on your phone

WNBA 17.3.4 English
WNBA 17.3.4

All About the Women's NBA

Garmin Golf 2.18.1 English
Garmin Golf 2.18.1

Challenge your friends and other golf enthusiasts

Winner 11.1.3 English
Winner 11.1.3

Create and organize all kinds of tournaments

CollX 1.5.8 English
CollX 1.5.8

Instantly find out how much your sports trading cards and stickers are worth

JustFit 1.4.7 English
JustFit 1.4.7

Low-effort weight loss training plans

Karate WKF 53 English

Everything you need to know about karate

Fishbrain 10.161.1 English
Fishbrain 10.161.1

Fishing for fish in your area

Fishing Points 4.3.1 English

Find and share the best fishing locations

WWE 53.5.1 English
WWE 53.5.1

The official news app of the wrestling circuit

Tour de France 9.2.1 English

The official app of the popular French cycling race

Bike Repair 6.3.4 English

Become your own bike mechanic

ESPN FC Soccer & World Cup 4.2.1 English

Follow the World Cup thanks to ESPN

FIFA App 6.0.5 English
FIFA App 6.0.5

All official FIFA information in the palm of your hand

CricBox 1.2.1 English
CricBox 1.2.1

Follow cricket matches live

R-navi 5.2.4 English
R-navi 5.2.4

Live tracking of Japanese races and runners

FIFA+ 8.2.2 English
FIFA+ 8.2.2

The top soccer stories of all time

IRONMAN Tracker 7.0.8 English

Track Ironman competitions in real-time

WodBuster 1.40 English
WodBuster 1.40

Manage bookings for crossfit classes at the gym

OWQLO 2.5.46 English
OWQLO 2.5.46

The app that digitizes sports teams

Topgolf 3.77.1 English
Topgolf 3.77.1

The app to manage your golf game

GameChanger English

Tools for amateur sports teams

McLaren Racing 3.8.3 English

The official app for McLaren fans

CricHeroes 8.5 English

Play cricket like a pro

Diablo Super Biker 6.2.8 English

Record and share your motorcycle routes

Winter 2022 Games 1.1.14 English

The unofficial app of the Winter Olympic Games

SportEasy 4.7.0 English
SportEasy 4.7.0

Easily manage your team

Football Dood 10.0.3 English

A digital board for soccer coaches

Soccer Board Tactics 10.36 English

Digital board for creating your masterstrokes

Football Tactic Board 5.3 English

Design and display tactics for soccer matches

Hudl 5.97 English
Hudl 5.97

Analyze plays on video to improve teamwork

GolfNow 4.35.2 English
GolfNow 4.35.2

Book a golf course from your phone

Radical Padel 4.3.1 English

Organize paddle leagues without getting up from the sofa

Padeltrack IPR 2.1.6 English

Padel organization platform for players and clubs

Padel Mates 5.1.1 English

The app that every paddle tennis fan needs

Padel Manager 4.2.26 English

Search for padel matches in your area and sign up for competitions

Timpik 4.73 English
Timpik 4.73

Do team sport in your city

Playtomic 5.112.0 English
Playtomic 5.112.0

Reserve your court to play tennis or paddle tennis

MLB Ballpark 13.1.0 English
MLB Ballpark 13.1.0

The official app of the American Baseball League

TeamSnap 6.11.3 English
TeamSnap 6.11.3

Manage your sports teams easily

Dakar Rally 2024 1.6 English

Follow in detail all the information about the Dakar Rally

onX Hunt 23.24.1 English
onX Hunt 23.24.1

Hunting maps for mobiles

HuntStand 6.3.397 English
HuntStand 6.3.397

Maps and forecasts to improve your hunting sessions

HuntWise 7.4.2 English
HuntWise 7.4.2

Tool for improving your hunting skills

WeFish 4.6.8 English
WeFish 4.6.8

Your best friend before going fishing

Fishing Knots 8.0.5 English

A guide to learning how to make the best fishing knots

Fishing & Hunting Solunar Time 3.1.1 English

Fishing and hunting forecasts

FishAngler English

The favorite app of all fishing fans

Fishidy 6.2.3 English
Fishidy 6.2.3

The perfect complement to polish your fishing skills

RIDERS 4.1.2 English
RIDERS 4.1.2

Learn to master urban and extreme sports like skateboarding or BMX

NHL 13.0.0 English
NHL 13.0.0

The official app of the North American ice hockey league

Overwatch League 4.0.5 English

Follow the slightest detail of all Overwatch leagues

Blizzard eSports 1.2.0 English

Blizzard's app to watch eSports

Formula 1 12.0.1815 English
Formula 1 12.0.1815

The official app to follow F1 from your mobile phone

Euroleague 9.3.10 English
Euroleague 9.3.10

Follow all the European basketball competitions

Ryder Cup 2018 5.0.4 English

Follow all the information about the Ryder Cup

Wimbledon 2024 English
Wimbledon 2024

The official app of the oldest tennis tournament in the world

Roland-Garros Official 8.6 English

Follow all the latest news about this tennis tournament

NFL 57.0.21 English
NFL 57.0.21

The official app of the National Football League

Yahoo Sports 10.11.1 English
Yahoo Sports 10.11.1

Your customized sports information

MotoGP English

The official app of the world motorcycle championship

Eurosport 8.7.2 English
Eurosport 8.7.2

The European sports channel has its official app

Hole19 4.24.4 English
Hole19 4.24.4

An essential app for golf lovers

Golfshot 2.5.8 English
Golfshot 2.5.8

A caddie for your pocket

2014 Basketball World Cup 1.0 English

Follow the Basketball World Cup on your phone

120 Sports 1.3.1 English
120 Sports 1.3.1

All the sports news in 120-second videos

Nike Football 1.5.2 English

The app to really get stuck into playing football

MapMyRide 23.14.0 English
MapMyRide 23.14.0

The perfect application for cyclists

Andjoy 8.0.1 English
Andjoy 8.0.1

Your gymnasium for a day

World Cup 2014 Brazil 3.0.6 English

The best app to follow the World Cup

Valencia CF App 3.2.3 English

Valencia Club de Fútbol's official application

Livesports24 F1 Racing 2.7.9 English

All the Formula One news

SportMate 1.12 English
SportMate 1.12

Keep up with all your team's matches