Religious Applications for Android

These religious applications will turn your smartphone into a useful tool to profess their faith. Use them to pray, practice your religion and find your way

Salaat First 5.3.0 English

The app that helps Muslim prayer

JW Library 12.4 English

The official Jehovah’s Witnesses app

Islam 360 3.9.2 English
Islam 360 3.9.2

Check and listen to the Quran whenever you want

Quran 2.9.9 English
Quran 2.9.9

The Koran for Android

King James Bible 2.80.1 English

Read, study, and share the Bible 3.3.0 English 3.3.0

The app for watching, reading and listening to the Bible

Bible 8.24.2 English
Bible 8.24.2

The Word of the Lord for Android

Superbook Bible 1.9.5 English

The Bible for children

Muslim GO 3.3.8 English
Muslim GO 3.3.8

Application to guide Muslims in their time of prayer

Muslim Pro - Ramadan 2021 12.2.1 English

The app for Muslims

Bible App for Kids 2.34 English

Interactive Bible for kids

Step by Step Salah 3.2 English

Prayer application for Muslims

Athan 5.8.1 English
Athan 5.8.1

An application for Islam followers

Our Daily Bread 3.3.1 English

Read religious texts and the Bible on your Android

The Pope App 7.0.2 English

All the information about the Pope on your mobile

Muslim Pocket 1.9.6 English

Don't miss the most important dates for Islam

Gospel Library 5.8.0 (58014.90) English
Gospel Library 5.8.0 (58014.90)

An app to study and know the Gospels

Givelify English

Donate to thousands of churches and NGOs

MyBible 5.1.0 English
MyBible 5.1.0

A virtual Bible with varied resources

Daily Bible 7.4.2 English

A virtual pocket Bible

umma 2.8.5 English
umma 2.8.5

The ultimate tool to practice Islam

Surah Ar Rahman MP3 1.2 English

The best rectors on your phone

ESV Bible English
ESV Bible

Read (and listen to) the Bible whenever and wherever you like

Tecarta Bible 8.0.2 English

A modern Bible in your pocket

Olive Tree Bible App English
Olive Tree Bible App

A virtual Bible in your pocket