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umma is an app that gathers all the information a Muslim needs to practice Islam, including the hours of prayer and the characteristics of Ramadan

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The word umma is how those who profess the Islamic religion are known, regardless of their social status, gender, origin, and nationality. This platform for mobile devices has been specially created for that community. In it, they will find everything they need to carry out their daily activities. If you are a Muslim, you will find this app very useful. Would you like to know how it works?

A set of tools for Muslims

The umma application offers users many utilities for those who practice Islam. The following are the main features this app has to offer:

  • Prayer hours adjusted to each geographic location and the possibility to activate reminders.
  • Fasting times.
  • Quran texts with transliteration and translation into several languages, including English, French, Turkish, and Russian.
  • Audio Qur'anic verses along with the texts in Arabic.
  • Meaning of the Qur'anic passages.
  • Social network for the community to communicate and share experiences, photos, and thoughts.
  • Articles and information about Islam.
  • The orientation to Mecca.

Tools and content to support the daily activities of Muslims.

Its interface is straightforward, and users can access different contents easily. When you open the app, you will see the time of the next prayer. However, for that, you need to grant the app geolocation permissions, as the times change depending on your location.

In short, the function of this app is twofold. Not only does it offer users a wealth of useful tools to practice the Islam, but here you will also find a user community to share your concerns and beliefs.

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