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You can get hold of the holy book of Islam by downloading Quran for Android. With Quran you will have access to its texts translated to several languages

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Religion has also benefitted from technological developments. An example is Quran for Android, the application that allows you to have access to the Koran's holy scriptures wherever you are.

The Koran on your Android phone

Anyone who professes the Muslim religion will find in the Koran the answers to many questions in life. With Quran for Android you can get hold of this sacred text wherever you are, making use of the advantages of technological progress. Thus, Qur'an has different functions that make it easier to read its scriptures, such as translations to several languages or the possibility to read texts out loud.

The holy scriptures of Islam always with you.


  • Texts translated to different languages.
  • Mark and share Ayahs.
  • Audio recitation available via streaming or to be downloaded.
  • System to search in the texts.
  • Transition effects between pages.
  • Configurable font size.

Downloading Quran free for Android is the ideal option for both religious people and anyone who wants to get to know the Islam religion in depth.

Requirements and additional information:
  • Minimum operating system requirements: Android 4.0.
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QURAN Android
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