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Bible App for Kids is an interactive version of the Bible with videos and narrated texts designed for children so that they learn about Christianity


Interactive Bible for kids

February 16, 2022
7 / 10

Just like we tell kids tall tales about Santa Claus or the tooth fairy in order to blackmail them a bit (behave or you won't get this or that present), we do the same with the adventures and misadventures of Jesus, his father, and the Holy Spirit, which it seems amount to the same: behave yourself or you will make Baby Jesus cry. And that is why an app like Bible App for Kids makes sense.

The Bible for the little ones

This application is an interactive version of the Bible, the holy book of most of Christianity (yours truly doesn't dare say whether of the entirety or not, because there are some pretty out-there versions of this religion, so who knows...) which offers, in a children's version, narrated texts and interactive scenes which tell the fundamental parts.

But don't panic: just because the app is simple doesn't mean that the arguments are any less solid than in the version for adults: the Earth was created in a week, Eve came from Adam's rib, Jesus multiplied bread and fish, love thy neighbor (that one is good, but the idea came from before Christianity), etc., etc.

These are the main functions offered on the app:

  • Easy browsing for kids.
  • Colorful pictures and drawings.
  • Touch animations.
  • Activities designed so that the young'uns remember what they have learned.
  • Challenges and games so that kids earn points and get motivated (though Fortnite is going to motivate them more).

Requirements and additional information:

  • Minimum operating system requirements: Android 4.1.
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