Personal Trainers and Fitness Applications for Android

Our fitness and workout applications will help you to get better results when practicing sports thanks to their tips, advice and workout routines

Wearfit Pro 2.10.29 English
Wearfit Pro 2.10.29

Monitor your health with your smartwatch

Gear Fit Manager for All 3.0.0 English

Enjoy Samsung Gear on your phone

fitpro 1.8.3 English
fitpro 1.8.3

Sync your phone to your activity bracelet

Sweatcoin 78.0 English
Sweatcoin 78.0

The app that pays to you to work out

BtNotification 7.2.6 English

Sync your smartwatch and your phone

Basic-Fit 9.8.5 English
Basic-Fit 9.8.5

The app for low cost gym members

FunDo Pro 1.8.7 English
FunDo Pro 1.8.7

Connect your smart watch or activity bracelet with your phone

Home Workout - No Equipment 1.1.2 English

Move your ass without needing to go the gym

Notify & Fitness for Mi Band 12.5.1 English

Receive call and message alerts in Mi Band

Lefun Health 2.45 English

Sync the app with your smartwatch and monitor your physical activity

Huawei Health English
Huawei Health

The physical tracking app brought to you by Huawei

Garmin Connect 4.44 English

Connect your Garmin wearable to your phone

Mi Fit 5.5.1 English
Mi Fit 5.5.1

Control all Xiaomi's Mi Band functions from your smartphone

Google Fit 2.70.1 English
Google Fit 2.70.1

Get fit today with Google

Fitbit 3.50.1 English
Fitbit 3.50.1

The app to shape up with your sports wearables

Peloton 1.0.333657 English
Peloton 1.0.333657

Exercises and challenges to get fit at home or at the gym

Trainingym 4.6.18 English
Trainingym 4.6.18

The app that turns your mobile into a gym

mywellness 6.2.0 English
mywellness 6.2.0

Optimize your training experience at the gym

Gym Trainer 2.2.1 English

Your app for strength workouts

ProFit 2.7.5 English
ProFit 2.7.5

Strength exercises to get in shape at the gym

Total Fitness 4.3.6 English

Customized routines for training at home or at the gym

Virtuagym 9.7.4 English
Virtuagym 9.7.4

Training and nutrition plans to get in shape

Strong 2.7.2 English
Strong 2.7.2

Your strength workout app

Stronglifts 5x5 2.6.21 English

Your personal trainer for strength training

Planet Fitness Workouts 9.2.12 English

The official app of the PF fitness chain

Increase Height Workout 1.0.15 English

Exercise routines to increase your height

Withings Health Mate 5.5.0 English

Control your health and increase your physical activity

FitNotes 1.22.0 English
FitNotes 1.22.0

Record all your exercises

Daily Workouts 6.32 English

Get fit at your own home

Workout for Women 4.2.2 English

Exercise routines for women and other athletes

Fitness Buddy 5.36.7810 English
Fitness Buddy 5.36.7810

Exercises to workout wherever you want

Xiaomi Wear 2.14.1i English
Xiaomi Wear 2.14.1i

Monitor your workouts and fitness

FizzUp 2.15.4 English
FizzUp 2.15.4

Your personal trainer to workout at home

StepBet 9.0.1 English
StepBet 9.0.1

Exercise and get rewards

Step Younger+ 1.7.6 English

Monitor your daily activity and earn money

Pam App 1.1.1 English
Pam App 1.1.1

Stay in shape with Pamela Reif

Fitify 1.13.1 English
Fitify 1.13.1

Get fit in your own home!

NoxFit 2.0.07 English
NoxFit 2.0.07

Lose weight by training at home

Kompanion 1.9.1 English
Kompanion 1.9.1

Work out at home with your phone

Impact 2.19.1 English
Impact 2.19.1

Turn your steps into money for charity