Personal Trainers and Fitness Applications for Android

Our fitness and workout applications will help you to get better results when practicing sports thanks to their tips, advice and workout routines

Strava 292.7 English
Strava 292.7

Compete while you train

Fitbit 3.74 English
Fitbit 3.74

The app to shape up with your sports wearables

Zepp Life 6.5.6 English
Zepp Life 6.5.6

Control all Xiaomi's Mi Band functions from your smartphone

Samsung Health English
Samsung Health

Monitor your workouts and health

Google Fit 2023.01.20.00 English
Google Fit 2023.01.20.00

Get fit today with Google

Sweatcoin 122.0 English
Sweatcoin 122.0

The app that pays to you to work out

fitpro 2.1.2 English
fitpro 2.1.2

Sync your phone to your activity bracelet

Gear Fit Manager for All 3.0.0 English

Enjoy Samsung Gear on your phone

Lucky Step 1.0.32 English
Lucky Step 1.0.32

The app that pays you to walk

DanceFitme 1.12.0 English
DanceFitme 1.12.0

Dance-based workouts to do at home

Wearfit Pro 22.02.12 English
Wearfit Pro 22.02.12

Monitor your health with your smartwatch

HryFine 3.1.4 English
HryFine 3.1.4

The app that complements your smartwatch

Pam App 1.1.1 English
Pam App 1.1.1

Stay in shape with Pamela Reif

BtNotification 7.2.6 English

Sync your smartwatch and your phone

Home Workout - No Equipment 1.2.3 English

Move your ass without needing to go the gym

GymStreak 3.2.3 English
GymStreak 3.2.3

Personalized workout routines to achieve your goals

Glory Fit 3.1.0 English
Glory Fit 3.1.0

Monitor your physical activity

Centr English

Get fit with Chris Hemsworth

Buttocks Workout 1.0.51 English

Personal gluteal and leg training plan

STEPN 0.6.6 English
STEPN 0.6.6

Earn cryptocurrencies and NFT for walking and running

ProFit 2.7.8 English
ProFit 2.7.8

Strength exercises to get in shape at the gym

Mi Fitness 3.1.3 English
Mi Fitness 3.1.3

Monitor your workouts and fitness

WeWard 7.4.21 English
WeWard 7.4.21

Walk and exchange your steps for rewards

Map My Walk 22.25.1 English
Map My Walk 22.25.1

Stay in shape with the Under Armour brand

Sport Zone 2.2.1 English
Sport Zone 2.2.1

Monitor your training and physical performance

Spartan Home Workouts 4.3.65 English

Get in shape with a workout set tailored for you

Lefun Health 2.45 English

Sync the app with your smartwatch and monitor your physical activity

FitCoach 3.0.0 English
FitCoach 3.0.0

A training plan for women which can be followed at home

Muscle Booster 2.2.0 English

Get personal training for improving your musculature

MiBand4 2.11.0 English
MiBand4 2.11.0

Install different skins on your Mi Band

FitStadium - Personal Trainer 7.4 English

Train from home with your phone

Lifelog 4.0.A.0.39 English
Lifelog 4.0.A.0.39

Register your life on your smartphone

Runtastic 12.17.1 English
Runtastic 12.17.1

Control all your training

Sweat Wallet 10.0 English

Walk to earn cryptocurrencies

Mibro Fit 3.12.28 English
Mibro Fit 3.12.28

The official app of the brand's smartwatches

Macadam 1.4.0 English
Macadam 1.4.0

Get prizes and money for walking

Recover Athletics 1.283.0 English

Recovery techniques and exercises for athletes

Gym WP 8.1.1 English
Gym WP 8.1.1

Training plans to optimize your time at the gym

Bodygee 3.0.0 English
Bodygee 3.0.0

Scan your body in 3D and check your progress

NoiseFit 3.1.1 English
NoiseFit 3.1.1

The official app for NoiseFit smartwatches

Stepler 1.7.9 English
Stepler 1.7.9

Walk in order to earn rewards

WalkingJoy 1.0.4 English
WalkingJoy 1.0.4

A pedometer to count steps and win prizes

winwalk 2.4.0 English
winwalk 2.4.0

Walk and win prizes!

Step Going 1.2.0 English
Step Going 1.2.0

Tool to record your daily, weekly, and monthly steps

Health Connect 0.1.1289.487803791.4 English
Health Connect 0.1.1289.487803791.4

All your health data in one app

C25K 143.84 English
C25K 143.84

The app for novice runners to become pros

BetterMe 6.2.2 English
BetterMe 6.2.2

Train your body starting with your mind

TrainingPeaks 10.4.1 English

Analyze your workouts and track your progress

Peloton 2.0.442176 English
Peloton 2.0.442176

Exercises and challenges to get fit at home or at the gym

Trainingym 4.8.11 English
Trainingym 4.8.11

The app that turns your mobile into a gym

mywellness 6.2.0 English
mywellness 6.2.0

Optimize your training experience at the gym

Gym Trainer 2.2.1 English

Your app for strength workouts

Total Fitness 4.3.6 English

Customized routines for training at home or at the gym

Virtuagym 9.9.6 English
Virtuagym 9.9.6

Training and nutrition plans to get in shape

Strong 2.7.2 English
Strong 2.7.2

Your strength workout app

Stronglifts 5x5 3.4.4 English

Your personal trainer for strength training

Planet Fitness Workouts 9.3.3 English

The official app of the PF fitness chain

Basic-Fit 9.8.5 English
Basic-Fit 9.8.5

The app for low cost gym members

Increase Height Workout 1.0.15 English

Exercise routines to increase your height

Withings Health Mate 5.8.0 English

Control your health and increase your physical activity

FitNotes 1.23.1 English
FitNotes 1.23.1

Record all your exercises

Daily Workouts 6.32 English

Get fit at your own home

Workout for Women 4.2.2 English

Exercise routines for women and other athletes

Fitness Buddy 5.36.7810 English
Fitness Buddy 5.36.7810

Exercises to workout wherever you want

FizzUp 2.15.4 English
FizzUp 2.15.4

Your personal trainer to workout at home

StepBet 9.0.1 English
StepBet 9.0.1

Exercise and get rewards

Step Younger+ 1.7.6 English

Monitor your daily activity and earn money

Fitify 1.13.1 English
Fitify 1.13.1

Get fit in your own home!

NoxFit 2.0.07 English
NoxFit 2.0.07

Lose weight by training at home

Kompanion 1.10.2 English
Kompanion 1.10.2

Work out at home with your phone

Impact 2.19.1 English
Impact 2.19.1

Turn your steps into money for charity

StepsApp 3.5.6 English
StepsApp 3.5.6

How many steps do you take a day?

Accupedo English

A simple pedometer to count steps with our smartphone

Step Tracker 1.3.2 English

App for counting steps and calories

Charity Miles 6.9.0 English

Go walking for solidarity

WalkFit 2.16.2 English
WalkFit 2.16.2

Your walking weight loss app

Jefit 11.02 English
Jefit 11.02

Get fit with these training routines

Calisteniapp 6.3.1 English

Start practicing calisthenics today

Fossil 4.6.0 English
Fossil 4.6.0

Complements the functions of your Fossil hybrid smartwatch

Mobvoi 3.19.0-1207.552 English
Mobvoi 3.19.0-1207.552

Synchronize your phone with your TicWatch GTX smartwatch

Fastrack Reflex 4.2.3 English

The app to control the activity that records your wearable

Zwift 1.0.60474 English
Zwift 1.0.60474

A virtual home training platform

Lose Belly Fat 1.3.2 English

Get a flat stomach with a personalized workout plan

Asana Rebel English
Asana Rebel

Enjoy yoga and relax wherever you want.

Sportractive 4.4.3 English

Register your workout and physical activity

FitOn 4.6 English
FitOn 4.6

Workout at home with a personal training plan

Notify & Fitness for Mi Band 14.3.2 English

Receive call and message alerts in Mi Band

Interval Timer 2.2.2 English

Timer for your periodic exercises

Tabata Timer 5.2.2 English

Your app to time tabatas and HIIT sessions

GStep Counter 4.5.0 English

Do exercise, measure your progress and share it

PUMATRAC 4.17.3 English

Start your fitness life with the help of Puma and its digital personal workouts

Step Counter 1.2.3 English

Mobile Pedometer Application

AmazMod 1.2.4 English
AmazMod 1.2.4

The app that complements your Amazfit smartwatch

Yoga Workout 1.30 English

Yoga app for beginners

Daily Yoga 8.23.00 English
Daily Yoga 8.23.00

Learn to do yoga at home

Down Dog Yoga 6.1.5 English

Do yoga without leaving the house

Yoga-Go 3.8.0 English
Yoga-Go 3.8.0

Take care of your health by doing yoga at home

Female Fitness 1.2.3 English

Workout routines for all levels

Da Fit v2.0.0-1652-gcb4fef654 English
Da Fit v2.0.0-1652-gcb4fef654

Monitor your health and daily activity

FunDo Pro 1.8.7 English
FunDo Pro 1.8.7

Connect your smart watch or activity bracelet with your phone

Yoho Sports 20.36.29 English
Yoho Sports 20.36.29

Official Yoho Sports bracelet app

Changers CO2 Fit English

Reduce your ecological footprint

Zepp 7.4.1 English
Zepp 7.4.1

The perfect complement for your Amazfit watch

Huawei Health English
Huawei Health

The physical tracking app brought to you by Huawei

Decathlon Coach 2.9.1 English

Monitor your workouts

MapMyRun 22.25.1 English
MapMyRun 22.25.1

Monitor your training sessions

Zombies, Run! 10.1.6 English

Zombies: a great reason to run

VeryFitPro 3.3.7 English
VeryFitPro 3.3.7

Monitor your physical activity on your smartphone

Easy Workout 1.1.9 English

Shape up working out just a few minutes every day

Magic Workout - Abs & Butt Fitness 1.2.1 English

Easily work out at home

Garmin Connect 4.52 English

Connect your Garmin wearable to your phone

Six Pack in 30 Days 1.0.35 English

Fitness workouts for your abdominal region

Weight Loss Fitness 2.5 English

Encourage yourself to lose weight at home

Nike+ Run Club 4.11.0 English

Everything you need to become a Nike Plus runner

7 Minute Workout 1.363.112 English
7 Minute Workout 1.363.112

Work out in just 7 minutes

Polar Flow 7.3.0 English
Polar Flow 7.3.0

Fitness app perfect for lazy people

8fit 22.04.0 English
8fit 22.04.0

Personal trainer with diets and workouts for your Android device

Pocket Workouts 2.1 English

App with workouts to keep fit

Sweat With Kayla 6.11 English

Keep fit with Kayla Itsines

30 Day Fit Challenge Workout 2.0.18 English

Your personal trainer for Android

Home Workouts 7.12.2 English

You can work out at home

Pedometer & Weight Loss Coach p9.1.2 English

App to lose weight walking and running

Ultimate Full Body Workouts 2.0.0 English

A pocket-size personal trainer

Pedometer 5.39 English
Pedometer 5.39

Count the steps you take

Sworkit 10.12.2 English
Sworkit 10.12.2

The best exercises to keep fit

Freeletics 22.52.0 English
Freeletics 22.52.0

A physical trainer on your Android

Abs workout 10.2.1 English
Abs workout 10.2.1

Get a perfect six-pack

Zombies, Run! 5k Training 2.6.11 English

Improve your physical condition with the help of a few zombies

Nike Training Club 6.30.0 English

You can now stay fit with Nike

RunKeeper 12.3 English
RunKeeper 12.3

Go for a run and calculate distances and routes

The Conqueror Challenges 3.2.4 English

Themed virtual challenges to meet your goals and earn real medals

Yoga for Beginners 5.1.0 English

Start doing yoga at home with guided exercises