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If you've got a Polar device, that's because you practice sports. Polar Flow - Sync & Analyze is the official app to monitor your workouts from your Android


Fitness app perfect for lazy people

May 22, 2024
9 / 10

Practicing a sport, working out, and keeping fit involves suffering, and whoever says the opposite is a liar. However, it's a different kind of suffering, a cool suffering. It's about taking your body to the limit, destroying yourself to start all over again, the excess of endorphins, beating your own personal bests... All the latter makes you feel better and stronger, apart from extremely tired and soar.

In any case, it's not a bad idea to get hold of a sports band. If you decide to go for a Polar, you can sync its official app to register every single workout, assess your progress, and receive recommendations. Polar Flow is just what you're looking for. The coolest thing about this app is that it's not only useful for sports and fitness addicts but also for those that find it hard to get up from the sofa as it can also encourage us to get ourselves moving.

Control your workouts and activity, and receive information about your progress and achievements.

Whether you've got a simple Polar Loop or a complete Polar M400, this tool is the perfect complement for your daily workouts and activity. If you're new in the world of smartbands, you should know that an important battle is taking place between the manufacturers. Choosing one is like taking sides with Android or iPhone, cats or dogs. Sorry Garmin, it's not your day, Polar Flow - Sync & Analyze works with the following devices manufactured by this brand:

  • Balance.
  • Loop.
  • Loop 2.
  • Loop Crystal.
  • A300.
  • A360.
  • A370.
  • M200.
  • M400.
  • M430.
  • M450.
  • M460.
  • M600.
  • V650.
  • V800.

Check your activity time, calories burnt, steps, and distance between steps.

How to synchronize Polar Flow

To use this tool, the only thing you've got to do is synchronize it with your Polar device and you'll be offered a new way to practice sports. How? Just enable the Bluetooth and they'll be connected just like any other device. You'll have to confirm the number code and then wait for a few minutes for the memory of your band to dumped onto your phone's app. Not synchronizing? An error may occur depending on the amount of information you're transferring so be patient. This information will go straight from the tool to Polar's web account, provided that you created one. You can also share these data on certain social networks such as Strava, so you can compare your muscles to those of other users.

How much does the app cost?

If you use your Polar only as an activity band, you'll have to configure your user profile as a sedentary user. By means of its colorful graphics, you'll be able to see how much you've moved around. Furthermore, you can also your activity time, how many steps you've taken, the distance covered, the calories burnt, your dangerous inactivity periods, your sleep and its different stages. All the latter, sorted by days, weeks, and months. Sleep control is a very cool function that can help you to rest better.

And if you're obsessed with weightlifting and building your muscles, you can easily manage your workouts in this app. Choose up to 20 sports profiles between the over 100 available, and add them to your profile. Choose a workout routine (regular, frequent, intense, semi-professional or professional) depending on how much you intend to work out. Beware, the higher the level, the more demanding the app will be. Fill in your profile with your details and you'll be ready to get your body pumping. For each exercise you complete and register on your band, you'll be indicated:

  • Length of each training session.
  • Average heartbeat (if you use the chest band).
  • Maximum heartbeat (with the chest band).
  • Calories burnt.
  • Percentage of fat burnt over the number of calories.
  • Training benefit, that tells you how you've behaved during your training session and the achievements you've reached.
  • Chat with the evolution of your heartbeat (using the wonderful chest band).

Thanks to all the latter you can keep a strict control over your workouts and weight, finding out if you're overdoing it or if you should get moving more often. Your heart and arteries will really appreciate it.

Requirements and additional information:

  • Minimum operating system requirements: Android 4.4.
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