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Are you going to practice any sport today? Keep track of your sports sessions and check your detailed statistics in the Sportractive app for Android


Register your workout and physical activity

December 21, 2021
7 / 10

Once we start working out, it's very easy to get going. Not only is it good for our health, but it also helps you to release stress and be more active.

If you've been working out for a while now, you may want to start keeping track of your sessions. Thanks to this app, you can record all your sports activities, whether indoor or outdoor. We'll tell you what this platform has to offer.

The free app for all your fitness activities, such as walking, running, jogging, hiking, cycling, mountain biking, and more.

How to control your workouts

The Sportractive app provides users with all the tools you need to record your training sessions. There are almost 30 different sports and physical activities available: walking, running, cycling, horse riding, nordic walking, swimming, windsurfing, exercise biking, elliptical training, and many more.

Before we start training, you must record your data for the system to track your training and progress more accurately. To start a session, simply choose a sport and hit the green button.

It tracks your workouts, analyzes them, and sets you on your way to achieving your training goals.

If it is an outdoor activity, you can see your route on the map, provided that your device has a GPS system. At the end of each exercise, you can enter a lot of data, such as distance traveled, heart rate, mood and time, calories burned, temperature, and personal notes. You can skip some of these steps by synchronizing the app with a Fitbit or Garmin device or with a heart rate detector with a Bluetooth sensor.

Once the session is over, it will be saved in the history, and you can consult it whenever you want. You can also control your body measurements and calculate your body mass index (BMI) from the different menus. In this way, you can see your growth and progress.

The interface is not the prettiest in the world, and it has a bit of an old-fashioned design, but it is more than enough to keep you motivated to move your ass. Get going, download the APK file, and start enjoying a healthier life today.

Requirements and additional information:

  • Minimum operating system requirements: Android 5.0.
  • Offers in-app purchases.
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