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The Withings Health Mate application is a mobile tool for Android devices that lets us measure our health metrics and encourages us to be always active


Control your health and increase your physical activity

December 14, 2021
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Any time is a good time to start taking better care of our health. By downloading the APK file of this app, we will be able to keep complete track of our physical condition, daily activity, and general health. But what is exactly this service offering us?

Improve your health and quality of life

Withings Health Mate is a health and wellness app that encourages us to take care of our health and stay active. Through the different sections of the platform, we can monitor our daily activity, training, sleep, weight, or blood pressure, among other possibilities.

Whether you want to lose weight, increase your activity, monitor your blood pressure, or even sleep better.

To begin with, this application tracks our activity and motivates us to be more active and take more steps per day. We will also be able to set goals and objectives to check our progress, participate in the leaderboard, and earn badges as a reward for our efforts.

On the other hand, it offers exercise programs and workout reports, including data on heart rate, duration, calories burned, routes, or fitness level. We can also monitor the evolution of our weight and it has a special function for pregnant women.

Automatically track your daily activity and exercise sessions with detailed information.

It also evaluates our sleep cycles, blood pressure, and temperature, and has a smart alarm clock function and guided meditation sessions. And it is even compatible with Google Fit and some devices or apps. Those who do not take care of their health can start doing it now.

Requirements and additional information:

  • Minimum operating system requirements: Android 7.0.
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