Converting WhatsApp voice messages to text is very simple thanks to Transcriber, a completely free application. You can download it quickly and securely from our servers using the link you see on this page.

Now, how can you use Transcriber to convert voice messages into text? The first step you need to take is to select the WhatsApp voice messages in the corresponding conversation. At the top of the screen, some icons will appear that grant access to basic actions. In this case, use the share button.

Select a WhatsApp audioSelect a WhatsApp audio

If you have already installed Transcriber on your device, the app will appear in the Android sharing menu. Tap on it to continue.

Share with TranscriberShare with Transcriber

At that point, WhatsApp will export the voice message and send it to Transcriber, where it will appear as a pop-up dialog over the conversation. Select the Transcribe option to extract the text from the voice message.

Select the action in TranscriberSelect the action in Transcriber

If you are using the free version, a full-screen ad will be displayed. After closing it, you will see the text of the WhatsApp voice message. With the additional options, you can translate it, copy it, or share it in another application.

Transcription of the WhatsApp audioTranscription of the WhatsApp audio

Transcriber is a great tool for converting a voice message to text. In addition to English, it supports about fifty languages, including Spanish, Italian, and French. However, it is not a perfect application. Its performance is indeed excellent when the audios have been recorded clearly and with little background noise. But if the voice note is not clearly audible or not sufficiently vocalized, you may not be able to transcribe the content.