When you leave a WhatsApp group, a warning appears in the message history alerting all participants about this. You may have thought that the application includes some settings to prevent this happen. However, we are afraid that there is no way to leave a group without the other users knowing about it. So, does it mean that there are no alternatives? No.

A discreet way to leave a group is to take advantage of a time when others are sending a lot of messages. If the amount of content being sent is high, the alert indicating that you have left the group may go unnoticed by most. But if this is not an option for you, the best thing to do is to make the group disappear, as if it did not exist.

To do this go to the application settings.

Open WhatsApp’s settingsOpen WhatsApp’s settings

Go into the parameters related to the conversations.

Access the chat preferencesAccess the chat preferences

Enable the Keep chats archived option so that the conversations you archive do not reappear in the main list of chats.

Enable the option to keep chats archivedEnable the option to keep chats archived

Next, locate the group and access it.

Enter the groupEnter the group

Tap at the top of the screen to see more options.

View the group’s infoView the group’s info

Enable notification muting.

Mute the notificationsMute the notifications

Tell WhatsApp that you want to mute sounds indefinitely and that you do not want notifications to be displayed. Confirm with Ok when done.

Keep the notifications always offKeep the notifications always off

Again, return to the list of chats. Then, long tap on the group and tap on the icon of the box with the down arrow.

Archive the WhatsApp chatArchive the WhatsApp chat

The conversation will then be muted and you will not be notified of new messages. In addition, it will be kept on file even when other users submit content. Virtually, the group has disappeared for you.