The WhatsApp block feature can be very useful when you want to prevent a contact from sending you messages or other content. However, there may be times when all you want is to take a break from certain users. In these circumstances, blocking it is too drastic a solution. Is there a way to avoid receiving messages from a contact without going to that extreme?

A good solution for this problem can be found in the WhatsApp settings. If you want to access them, open the main menu and tap on Settings.

Go to the app’s settingsGo to the app’s settings

Then, open the chats preferences to continue.

View the chat optionsView the chat options

Take a look at the list of parameters and locate Keep chats archived. Tap on the slider to enable this function.

Keep chats archivedKeep chats archived

Now, go back to the conversation list and select a chat.

Open a conversation with the contactOpen a conversation with the contact

Tap on the name of the contact to see additional options.

View the contact infoView the contact info

Mute the notifications of the contact by tapping on the toggle where you will see next to Mute notifications.

Mute notifications for this contactMute notifications for this contact

In the pop-up dialog, tell WhatsApp that you want to mute the user indefinitely and that you do not want their notifications to be displayed. Confirm when you have applied these settings.

Remove notifications foreverRemove notifications forever

Finally, long tap the conversation and tap on the archive button.

Archive the conversation to not view the messagesArchive the conversation to not view the messages

What did you get out of this? From this point on, the chats you archive will remain hidden even if they receive new messages. Also, since you have muted the notifications of the user, you will never know if they have written to you or not unless you visit the conversation archive. In following these steps, there are several things to keep in mind:

  1. The function that keeps chats archived applies to all conversations.
  2. Mute notifications is a setting that only applies to the selected contact.
  3. The other person will not know that you have archived the conversation or that you have muted notifications.