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ACID Xpress is a free complete audio editing software application by Sony. Download ACID Xpress for free and try out its quality tools to work with audio


The free version of one of the best sound editors around

July 11, 2011
7 / 10

If Sony is worthy of being recognized for something, it's mainly due to its quality electronic equipment and for the excellent professional software that it develops. It seems, that since ACID Music Studio is too professional, Sony has decided to develop ACID Xpress, with the intention of providing software for those users that can't afford a license for Music Studio.

One of the best sound editors created by Sony

ACID Xpress has nothing to envy of its big brother, it has support for MIDI files, real-time recording (punch-in), up to ten audio tracks and several sound creation and remixing techniques. Moreover, it's possible to encode the output to MP3 or WMA.

Since it's a product that is mainly focused on young and beginner users, ACID Xpress integrates with ACIDPlanet, a sort of social network that Sony is trying to promote as a basis for this brilliant program, in this network the users share their creations and experiences.

Of course, ACID Xpress integrates quite a few tutorials and help files that will allow any user to practice and learn until they perfectly dominate each function included in this software.

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