Sound and Music Production Software for Windows

The best selection of audio and music production software for Windows with which you'll be able to mix songs, create sounds and edit audio files

Virtual DJ 2023 8.5.7831 English
Virtual DJ 2023 8.5.7831

The most complete free software for DJs

Adobe Audition CC 24.0 English

Adobe's audio sequencer

Traktor PRO 3.8.0 English
Traktor PRO 3.8.0

The best software for DJs

Cubase Elements 12.0.70 English
Cubase Elements 12.0.70

The most powerful DAW on the market

Audacity 3.4.2 English
Audacity 3.4.2

The best free audio editor and recorder

FL Studio Fruity Loops English
FL Studio Fruity Loops

Powerful DAW to compose music on your PC

Sibelius 7.5.1 English
Sibelius 7.5.1

A musical notation program aimed at professionals

Pro Tools 2023.11.0 English
Pro Tools 2023.11.0

Leading audio workstation on the market

Ohm Studio English

Surprising collaborative DAW in real time

Antares Auto-Tune 9.0.1 English

Solve any tune and tempo problem

Reason 10.2.2 English
Reason 10.2.2

Complete study to create music compositions

Nuendo 12.0.70 English
Nuendo 12.0.70

Post-production software for audio

Encore 5.0.4 English
Encore 5.0.4

One of the best applications for music notation

BPM Studio English
BPM Studio

Professional program for audio mixing

Massive 1.5.5 English
Massive 1.5.5

The best synthesizer by Native Instruments

Studio One 2.6.0 Free English
Studio One 2.6.0 Free

A DAW on the rise

Mixcraft 10 English

Multitrack audio mixer with great features

AmpliTube 4.8.0 English
AmpliTube 4.8.0

An amplifier simulator for guitars and bass guitars

MediaHuman YouTube to MP3 Converter English

Online videos to MP3 audio to be downloaded instantly

Sony ACID Pro English
Sony ACID Pro

Create all sorts of compositions by means of loops

Serato DJ 2.4.0 English
Serato DJ 2.4.0

Software for professional DJs

Ableton Live 11.1 English

Revolutionary audio and MIDI sequencer

Guitar Pro 7.5 English

Compose your own guitar scores and tabs

Free MP3 Cutter and Editor 2.8 English

Edit WAV and MP3 files

AtomixMP3 2.3 English

Turn your old computer into a professional mixer

MuseScore 4.0.1 English
MuseScore 4.0.1

Versatile music notation application that's totally free

Numark CUE 5.0 R2 English
Numark CUE 5.0 R2

Excellent professional application to create and record your mixes

Synthesia 10.5.1 English
Synthesia 10.5.1

Learn how to play the piano while having fun

ReCycle! 2.2.4 English
ReCycle! 2.2.4

Split your audio loops as comfortably as possible

Vocal Remover 1.04 English

Remove the vocals from the songs of your choice

Free Audio Recorder 6.6.9 English

Record any sound from your PC

Finale 26.0.1 English
Finale 26.0.1

Advanced tool to compose scores

AP Tuner 3.07 English
AP Tuner 3.07

Practical tuner that is specifically for string instruments

Music Maker 2019 English
Music Maker 2019

An ideal program for non-professional musicians

Virtual Midi Controller 3.2 English

Virtual MIDI keyboard for PC

Dj ProMixer 2.0 Free English
Dj ProMixer 2.0 Free

Play and mix your music with this deejaying software

Dolby Access 2.4.301.0 English
Dolby Access 2.4.301.0

Surrounding sound on your PC

Minimoog V English
Minimoog V

Enjoy the real Moog sound on your PC

MixVibes CROSS 3.4.0 English

Easy-to-use professional deejaying program

Virtual Piano 1.0 English

Complete general MIDI module for your master keyboard

Convert MP4 to MP3 1.1 English

Extract audio from videos in MP3 format

DJ ProDecks 2.0 English

Professional software to deejay music on your PC

Power Sound Editor English

Free audio editor and burner with professional functions

Awave Studio 11.2 English

Incredible music production program

Renoise 3.4.3 English
Renoise 3.4.3

Create your music with this DAW based on trackers

DJ Mixer Express 5.8.3 English
DJ Mixer Express 5.8.3

Comprehensive mixing software for DJs

BPM Analyzer 1.0.1 English

Quickly find out the tempo of any song

Sound Forge Pro 12 English
Sound Forge Pro 12

Professional audio production suite

Hot Jingle Player 1.0 English

Launch live jingles, effects and songs

Easy CD-DA Extractor English

A multi-purpse tool to work with audio CDs

Audio Record Wizard 7.21 English

Record any audio source in MP3, OGG or WAV

Serato Studio 1.5.6 English

Greater simplicity for your music production

Music Maker Jam 2017.606.1848.0 English
Music Maker Jam 2017.606.1848.0

Simple tool to create music

Apowersoft Free Audio Recorder 3.0.7 English

Record sounds with your PC

Bitwig Studio 4.2.2 English

The sequencer that allows collaborative work

Virtual Audio Streaming 4.2 English

Install a virtual sound card on your computer

iDrum 1.73 English
iDrum 1.73

Transform your computer into a complete Groovebox

Macaw 3.01 English
Macaw 3.01

A complete open source synthesizer, ideal for live music

KB Piano 2.5.1 English
KB Piano 2.5.1

Play instruments with your PC's keyboard

n-Track Studio 9.1.2 English

Complete stable music recording studio

LMMS 1.1.3 English
LMMS 1.1.3

Produce your own music with this free alternative to FL Studio

Free Sound Recorder 10.8.8 English

Record any audio input source in MP3, WMA or WAV

Hercules Lighter 1.0.1 English

Illuminate the LEDs of your Hercules mixing table with Traktor DJ

OtsDJ 1.94.027 English
OtsDJ 1.94.027

Mix video and audio with this complete application

Virtual DJ Studio 8.2.2 English

Give any establishment a musical touch with this player

DarkWave Studio 5.9.4 English

Workstation to create your own music tracks

MP3 Splitter and Joiner 3.60.1 English

Edit your MP3 files with the best quality possible

Power Tab Editor English

Transform your music into scores

Wavelab 9.5 English
Wavelab 9.5

Professional tool to edit audio

Ordrumbox English

Create songs by means of rhythmic patterns

Melodyne 2.1.2 Editor English
Melodyne 2.1.2 Editor

Edit polyphonic audio as if it were MIDI

SONAR 2017.10 English
SONAR 2017.10

Cakewalk's audio sequencer

Dany's Virtual Drum 4.3.9 English

Simple simulator to play the drums

Mario Paint Composer 2.0 English

Compose music with sounds from Mario Bros

Free Audio CD To MP3 Converter English

Convert your CD collection to MP3 with this free application

DSS DJ 5.6 English
DSS DJ 5.6

Use professional DJing techniques with this versatile application

WO Mic 4.6.8 English
WO Mic 5.0

Turn your mobile into a mic for your PC

Boom 3D 1.5.9000 English
Boom 3D 1.5.9000

Tool to improve the audio of your PC

Nero WaveEditor 20.0.1002 English
Nero WaveEditor 20.0.1002

Advanced audio editor

Audio EQ English
Audio EQ

The equalizer you need for Chrome

Chords! 1.0 English
Chords! 1.0

The easiest way to view the guitar tabs of any song

EarMaster 7.1.31 English
EarMaster 7.1.31

Train your music hearing

ACID Xpress 7.0a 73 English
ACID Xpress 7.0a 73

The free version of one of the best sound editors around

Samplitude Music Studio 2019 English
Samplitude Music Studio 2019

All the music production tools you need

ACID Music Studio 11 English

Simple solution to create your own music

Electronic Piano 2.6 English

Play more than 100 instruments with your PC's keyboard

FreeRIP MP3 English

Save the songs of your CDs in WAV, MP3 or OGG Vorbis format

Chord Scale Generator 1.4 English

All the scales and chords a your reach

Impro-Visor 10.2 English

Music notation software

DJPower 2008 English
DJPower 2008

Mix music and video on your personal computer

MP3 Knife 3.6 English

Easily crop any fragment of an MP3 file

MIDI Editor 1.3.2 English

Powerful and practical MIDI melody editor

Dream Computer Piano 2.10 English

Learn how to play the piano in a different manner

MULAB 9.3.18 English
MULAB 9.3.18

Virtual audio studio with advanced functions

Free CD Ripper 2.0 English

Extract audio CDs directly to your hard drive

Magix Audio Cleaning Lab English

Digitize your LPs and cassettes obtaining the best sound

Reaper 5.965 English
Reaper 5.965

Perfect workstation to create music

Voxal Voice Changer 5.07 English

Modify, change and disguise your voice

OpenSong 3.4.8 English
OpenSong 3.4.8

Manage song lyrics, chords and scores

Mp3Doctor PRO 2019 English
Mp3Doctor PRO 2019

Enhance the sound of your audio files

Guitar Tuner English
Guitar Tuner

How to tune your guitar or any other string instrument

UltraMixer 6.3.0 English
UltraMixer 6.3.0

The essential tool to carry out DJ mixes

EXPStudio Audio Editor 4.31 English

A free and simple audio editor

Voicemeeter English

Audio mixer that allows you to change your voice

Anvil Studio 2021.04.01 English
Anvil Studio 2021.04.01

A small home studio to write songs

Simple Synths English

Free Ableton Live Pack

MP3 Workshop 4.80 English

Work with your MP3 files

Overture English

Create your scores and play them with VST instruments

BandzPro English

Play 5 virtual instruments with your keyboard

Piano Marvel 10.27b1 English
Piano Marvel 10.27b1

Entertaining and effective classes to learn to play the piano online

RapidComposer 5.1.0 English

Simple and lightweight music composition system

BestPractice 1.03.1 English
BestPractice 1.03.1

Change the tempo and tone of any song in real time

Harmony Assistant 9.8.1e English

Excellent program for musical notation and creation

Deckadance 2.72 English

The perfect tool for all DJs

Direct MP3 recorder 3.1 English

Record any sound that your speakers play

Free Audio Editor 2017 9.4.0 English
Free Audio Editor 2017 9.4.0

Edit your audio files with this free tool with a professional aspect

PolderbitS Sound Recorder and Editor 9.0.129 English

Two practical and lightweight audio tools

AoA Audio Extractor 2.3.6 English

Extract audio from any video

Melody Assistant 7.8.1 English

Compose music with a classic method with plenty of options

All-in-one Voice Changer 1.5 English

Simple real-time voice changer

Apple Music Converter 6.3.2 English

Extract songs from Apple Music

Kangas Sound Editor 4.2.0 English

Create your own music from scratch

Giada 0.18.1 English
Giada 0.18.1

Drum machine with GPL license

PDFtoMusic 1.6.5 English
PDFtoMusic 1.6.5

Listen to your favourite sheet music from PDF files

Movavi Audio Suite 1.3 English

Five tools to work with audio

Internet Music Capture English

Listen to the music that you listen to via Internet

Jalmus 2.3 English
Jalmus 2.3

Learn or improve your note and rhythm reading level

WaveMax Audio Editor 6.1.1 English

Complete and appealing audio editor

Aria Maestosa 1.4.13d English
Aria Maestosa 1.4.13d

Compose your own music in MIDI format

Drums Room 1.1 English

Drums simulator for your computer

OtsTurntables Free 1.00.064 English
OtsTurntables Free 1.00.064

Complete your own DJ sessions

AudioQuick Editor 1.30 English

Quickly learn to edit your audio files

DeepRipper 1.1 English

Extract the audio tracks of your original CDs

PianoRollComposer 2.58 English

Use a Piano Roll to create your songs

GuitarTM 1.0 English

A complete tuner and a metronome for your guitar

All2WAV Recorder 5.0 English

Record very easily from any audio source

Cool Record Edit Pro 9.8.0 English
Cool Record Edit Pro 9.8.0

Maximize your audio recordings' quality

Rockit Pro DJ 5.0 English

Professional workstation for DJs

Mixxx 2.3.0 English
Mixxx 2.3.0

Create your own mixes with this free application

Music Editor Free 10.8.0 English

Complete music editor that offers professional results

OtsAV 1.94.027 English
OtsAV 1.94.027

Versatile tool for VJs

HiRecorder 1.0 English

Excellent audio streaming recorder

Arial Sound Recorder 2.5 English

A simple tool to record audio

WavePad 13.22 English
WavePad 13.22

Easy-to-use audio editor with professional features

AudioGrabber 1.83 (2020 Edition) English
AudioGrabber 1.83 (2020 Edition)

Digitally extract audio from your CDs

mp3DirectCut 2.36 English

A simple and efficient MP3 file editor

CDex 2.23 English
CDex 2.23

Excellent audio ripper for music CDs

Skype Voice Changer English

Disguise your voice when using Skype

WonderFox DVD Ripper Pro 12.1 English

Rip your DVDs on your new devices

Active Audio Record Component 2.0 English

Add sound recording functions to programs