Audio Recording Software for Windows

Record and register audio coming from any sound source thanks to this great compilation of audio recording applications for Windows computers

Free Sound Recorder 10.8.8 English

Record any audio input source in MP3, WMA or WAV

Free Audio Recorder 6.6.9 English

Record any sound from your PC

Audio Record Wizard 7.21 English

Record any audio source in MP3, OGG or WAV

WO Mic 4.7.1 English
WO Mic 5.0

Turn your mobile into a mic for your PC

Virtual Audio Streaming 4.2 English

Install a virtual sound card on your computer

Apowersoft Free Audio Recorder 3.0.7 English

Record sounds with your PC

All2WAV Recorder 5.0 English

Record very easily from any audio source

Arial Sound Recorder 2.5 English

A simple tool to record audio

Active Audio Record Component 2.0 English

Add sound recording functions to programs

Internet Music Capture English

Listen to the music that you listen to via Internet

Direct MP3 recorder 3.1 English

Record any sound that your speakers play

Cool Record Edit Pro 9.8.0 English
Cool Record Edit Pro 9.8.0

Maximize your audio recordings' quality

HiRecorder 1.0 English

Excellent audio streaming recorder