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All2WAV Recorder is a multifunctional audio recorder that allows to capture sound from different sources. Download All2WAV Recorder free on your PC now!


Record very easily from any audio source

February 25, 2019
8 / 10

All2WAV Recorder is an audio recorder that allows you to capture sound from different sources: be it devices like the microphone or any component connected to the input connector, from a URL or even, from other applications like the multimedia player or a video game.

As well as the recording options, All2WAV Recorder offers an integrated audio player, from which it is possible to listen to the audio that we have recorded.

Record audio in 3 steps

The use of this utility is very simple thanks to its step by step guided assistant. Thus, to start recording any audio file, all we will have to do is:

  1. Step 1. Select the source from which we want to record the audio: a multimedia file, a URL or from another application.
  2. Step 2. Choose where to save ti and what name we want to give the application and select the quality of the recording (frequency, number of channels, etc... ).
  3. Step 3. And last but not least, press "Record" from the applications main window.

You will be able to "Pause" or "Stop" the recording whenever you want with the corresponding buttons. To start all this process anew, all you have to do is enter in the "File" menu and choose "Record Wizard". If you like All2WAV Recorder, you can access other utilities by the same company from the program's "More Tools" option.

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