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Register the incoming audio signal of your soundcard with Free Sound Recorder. Download Free Sound Recorder to your PC and digitize any audio source


Record any audio input source in MP3, WMA or WAV

February 17, 2019
8 / 10

Would you like to digitize all those cassettes, vinyls and other materials that are just lying around picking up dust in favor of your iPod? Free Sound Recorder is a software application that will help you to record in digital format (MP3, WAV or WMA) any audio source that enters through the sound card.

This software is incredibly simple, because we'll only have to select the audio input that we want to record from, the output format, the quality and start recording. The software will show us an equalizer signal that will inform us about the level of the input signal so that we can adjust it.

Record any audio source on your PC

One of the advantages of Free Sound Recorder is that it allows us to record any streaming audio broadcast, something that's very useful nowadays thanks to the popularity that this kind of program has reached.

Among its advanced functions, we have the possibility to apply filters that will improve the gain of the recordings and the possibility to record directly to the hard drive, almost without going through the memory, something that will result in better quality and more security in the recording.

All in all, both if we want to record vinyls or if we want to store a song that we are listening to via streaming, Free Sound Recorder is a program that will allow us to do so.

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