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Record any sound that your speakers play

August 23, 2010
8 / 10

There are many programs that don't allow to record what they are playing, there are also broadcasts that are difficult to tune in to, but they all reach the speakers, that is exactly where Direct MP3 recorder catches the audio signal and converts it to MP3.

This program has a really simple interface, it is all on the same screen and it is even possible to program the recordings. To start recording we can use various methods, manually, by means of the programmer or depending on the signal that reaches the speakers so that we can make sure that we record exactly what we want.

Capture the audio from your speakers

This program is very useful to record LPs for example, because thanks to it it is possible to connect the player to the computer's input connector and capture the sound just before it reaches the speakers.

An, of course, the Direct MP3 recorder correctly manages the changes in the signal and adapts to them, managing to stabilize the sound and improve its quality before converting it to MP3.

To configure the program we have to select the soundcard from which it has to capture the audio signal because the signal has to be exactly the one that will reach the speakers.

Requirements and additional information:

  • In the free version it is only possible to record for a short period of time.
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