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Internet Music Capture will allow you to increase your music collection thanks to the radios that broadcast via Internet. Download Internet Music Capture


Listen to the music that you listen to via Internet

April 17, 2019
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The expansion of radio broadcasts over Internet have made the offer available to the general public grow. But to be able to record this kind of broadcast it is necessary to have the proper software, like Internet Music Capture.

The easiest way to record music from the radio

Internet Music Capture has been designed in a way that it is extremely easy to record the music that is broadcasted over Internet from its interface, because it will only be necessary to choose the folder where the music will be stored and the radio station, for the program to start.

Once it is working, Internet Music Capture will start recording as soon as the radio station provides the name of the song, what's more, it will show the user the covers of the album or single if they are available and the lyrics of the song.

Among the additional features of Internet Music Capture it is worth highlighting that it is capable of detecting adverts, so as to avoid recording them. And that it includes an ID3 tag editor to be able to fill in additional information to that offered by the radio stations.

Therefore, if you want to build your music collection and at the same time enjoy music via Internet, you only have to download Internet Music Capture.

Requirements and additional information:

  • This is a trial version that has certain limitations.
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