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Learn music notation with Electronic Piano. You will be able to play more than 100 music instruments with your keyboard by downloading Electronic Piano free


Play more than 100 instruments with your PC's keyboard

January 25, 2019
8 / 10

Even though there are many programs to learn how to play the piano, in the majority of cases they are professional applications, and if what we want to do is to learn how to play we should have more than enough with Electronic Piano, a software application that can play more than 140 different music instruments.

Play the piano on your PC

This software hasn't been designed to be used professionally, because neither its options or its interface have been designed for that purpose, but it is a very good application to learn to play the piano and even to take our first steps in the music composing field. Electronic Piano is a really simple application with which you'll be able to play notes with your computer and even simulate a trumpet, horn, ocarina, clavichord or practically any instrument in MIDI format.

Furthermore, it's possible to configure keys to work as notes, allow the user to create and play songs that are much more complete with up to seven different sounds. This simple and easy to use tool is perfect for children and adults that are learning to play a musical instrument, thus eliminating the requirement to buy the instrument, and only requiring this software and a keyboard.

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Antony Peel