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Download PianoRollComposer free and you will find a music production station with capacity for more than 128 instruments and more than 60 drum tracks


Use a Piano Roll to create your songs

February 20, 2019
7 / 10

Piano Roll was a system that was integrated in the MIDI sequencers at the beginning of the nineties that allowed the musicians to compose in a graphic way, using a keyboard as a reference and without needing to use a score, something that managed to set aside the trackers and improve the production environment by means of computer applications.

Create your own instrumental compositions

PianoRollComposer is an application that takes this system to the extreme and allows us to create compositions with up to 128 instruments and 61 drums tracks, which is more than enough to compose an electronic music theme to a classical musical score.

It has a sober interface, that allows us to view the tracks at all times and the instruments that are being used, access the rhythm programming grate and differentiate by means of colors.

The application allows us to import MIDI files and export our work, both in MIDI, to be able to use our work with another program, as well as WAV, to be able to listen to them on any audio player. If you like the production systems that use Piano Roll to create the instrument lines, try PianoRollComposer, an effective and totally free tool.

Héctor Hernández

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Scott McLure

Scott McLure