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Download Ohm Studio and discover a new way to create music over the Internet. With Ohm Studio you will have access to an innovating online collaborative DAW


Surprising collaborative DAW in real time

December 13, 2012
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Each day there are more new applications on the market, but it's only every now and again that one stands out above all the rest. This is the case of Ohm Studio, an online collaborative sequencer.

Finally a DAW developed to work on the cloud

After more than two years under development, Ohm Force (the great producer of effects and instruments for VST) launches Ohm Studio, a product focused on the creation of music online with all the functions that should be included in a DAW and loaded with effects.

The first real-time collaborative DAW.

Join the cohmmunity

With Ohm Studio you will be part of a large community of musicians and producers over the Internet. Discover why so many users prefer this DAW. Among the many noteworthy features of Ohm Studio, those worth highlighting are the following:

  • Clear interface, comparable to that of GarageBand.
  • Works in real-time. Listen, record or edit the project simultaneously with other members of the team and communicate with others.
  • Record audio on the fly. Only a few clicks are enough to edit, crop or create loops.
  • Create patterns that you can later use with ease.
  • Includes the classic instruments and plug-ins of effects produced by Ohm Force, as well as others created specifically for the application.
  • VST support.
  • Complete mixer that allows you to adjust your songs with full precision.
  • Secure backup solution to guarantee that you don't lose any work.

All the tools that a musician needs to create music with a computer.

Try out Ohm Studio for free and discover a new way to create music online with this extraordinary collaborative digital audio station.

Requirements and additional information:

  • Ohm Studio can be tested free during the Beta period.
  • It's a version under development, therefore, it may contain errors and become unstable.
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