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Piano Marvel is an application with which you can learn how to play the piano like a real expert. Download Piano Marvel and start your piano classes today

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Piano Marvel is a program the objective of which is to teach you how to play the piano on your computer. These piano lessons take place online with a MIDI keyboard. You will have several different lessons with different levels available, some that are very easy and others that are more complicated for higher level students. When you start a lesson, you will have to play the notes from a score when the blue line moves over them. A very entertaining way to learn how to play the piano.

Your virtual piano teacher

To start off, you'll have to connect your MIDI keyboard and start with the first lesson. You'll see the score and a blue line that moves over the notes and you'll have to play them at that right moment. Once the lesson is finished you will receive the corrected score. As you complete lessons the difficulty will increase.

Piano Marvel also has other resources to help you to learn how to play this instrument. With regard to the repertoire, you will find a large amount of songs, and you'll be able to refer to video tutorials with people playing these songs. You will also have access to all the scores in PDF to be able to play them.

If you want to learn how to play the piano on your computer, download Piano Marvel and learn while having fun.

Requirements and additional information:

  • Requires a MIDI keyboard and an Internet connection.

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