Dany's Virtual Drum

Dany's Virtual Drum is a drum simulator with realistic sounds and different control settings. Become a real drummer by downloading Dany's Virtual Drum

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Musical computing offers everybody a wide range of tools to play and create music. This time around what we're dealing with is a drums simulator that will allow you to play this great music instruments and create your own songs.

  Dany's Virtual Drum has its own library that includes realistic sampled drum sounds. At the same time, it includes various base rhythms that can be used while playing your own drums solos, even offering the possibility to add the music that you like the most to the corresponding folder, but only if you have it in OGG format.

  The different control combinations that exist will allow you to adjust the application to each user, that will see at the same time how the software's use is greatly simplified due to its simple interface. Furthermore, the playback takes place without hardly any delay, thus being possible to listen to what you play nearly at the same instant as you press the keyboard.

  If you're looking for a tool with which you can start practicing or improving your drumming technique, you should take Dany's Virtual Drum into account, the definitive drum simulator for your PC.
Antony Peel
Antony Peel
Dark Tiger
Over a year ago
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