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Extract audio CDs directly to your hard drive

July 28, 2011
8 / 10

Converting an audio CD to digital format files is a simple task that hundreds of programs perform nowadays, nevertheless, it's always interesting to have software that is specialized in this kind of task, like Free CD Ripper, installed on our computer.

Rip the audio from any music CD

With this program, it's possible to convert an audio CD to the most popular formats like MP3, OGG Vorbis, and WAV. Furthermore, it's compatible with M4A (codified with Apple Lossless Encoder), and it can edit any of the tags of the files to include the most interesting data. At the same time, it's possible to extract the contents of any CD to a BIN/CUE image and record it, as well as generating an audio CD from various music files.

To tag the files it connects to that FreeDB database where it locates the album name, song, artist and other diverse data that always come in hand when it comes to organizing a music library.

The interface of Free CD Ripper is very simple, with large information areas and everything that's necessary to use this excellent audio converter available in a couple of clicks.

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