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Convert your CD collection to MP3 with this free application

July 18, 2018
8 / 10

From the end of the '80s to the present date, the most popular commercial format for music distribution has been the CD. Many of us have managed to gather large collections of these discs, but as time goes by they are slowly being replaced by new digital formats, like MP3. So if we have a portable MP3 device or we like to enjoy our music on our PC, we'll require an application to transform our CDs to MP3, like for example Free Audio CD To MP3 Converter.

Excellent CD ripper

This simple tool is controlled with only two buttons, and it allows us to rip full CDs in a matter of minutes, and convert them to MP3, AAC, OGG, WMA or WAV, keeping the metadata of the artist, year and album, with the only other option of selecting the output folder for the resulting files.

If you're looking for an application that is easy to use and free of charge, with which you can convert your CD music collection to digital formats, download Free Audio CD To MP3 Converter now.

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